Fan Girl Friday!

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It’s the last Friday in October, folks! That’s right, we’re one step closer to Halloween, which means one step closer to falling into a candy-induced coma! But, until then, I’ve got some delightfully dorky schtuff to make you smile! 

I think we all need some therapy (or a stuff drink) to get us through all the emotions of Sunday night’s season premiere of The Walking Dead. Thankfully, Chris Hardwick from The Nerdist is here to make us smile with his tour of Universal Studio’s TWD attraction! 

If I had to guess what The Tardis smelled like, I would absolutely think it was the scent of this next fabulous find! 


Asha’s Homemade Candles sells this white tea and ginger Doctor Who candle, as well as other fandom-inspired candles! They include: The Hobbit, Star Trek, and even My Little Pony! 

I hardly ever get to sit down and watch live TV, but thanks to the internet (and DVRs!) I don’t have to worry about missing awesome moments on television! Example? This awesome dance performed by the folks on Dancing With the Stars to none other but the theme to Outlander! Check it out! 

If you were born between 1980 and 1985, I’m about to make your day. Are you sitting down? Good. MUPPET BABIES IS COMING BACK TO TV!!! 


That was my reaction, too! According to sources, the CG-animated show will debut on Disney Junior in 2018!


I can’t wait to see how they handle the reboot! And I’m totally planning on making Huff the Tot and Huff the Babe as obsessed as I was! All I have to say is: y’all better keep the theme song the same. 

Happy fangirling! 

Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday3


I try not to let Huff the Babe watch too much TV. But, there are days that her energy levels are overflowing like my muffin top while I’m guzzling Diet Dr. Pepper and just trying to make it through the day. During those times I switch on Netflix, PBS, or whatever I can to get my little ball of perpetual energy to sit still for a few minutes.

Because of this, I’ve seen quite a bit of children’s television. Some good, some just plain annoying. So here is my definitive ranking of kid’s shows (that I’ve seen):


#7 Caillou


We’ve only watched this show once. And it wasn’t even a whole episode. It was like 5 minutes. That is how annoying this kid is. Seriously. Don’t even waste your time.


#6 The Odd Squad

odd squad

My niece LOVES this show. She watches it all the time during her “tablet time”. But man, the kids on that show… they are…odd (terrible pun, I know). The show is kind of like Mr. Wizard on an acid trip.


#5 Tayo: The Little Bus 


My sister is actually the one that introduce Huff the Babe to this. Its pretty cute, to be honest. Tayo is a cartoon bus from South Korea. The cartoon is awesome because it has horrible lip-dub, but in an endearing way. There are times it gets a little weird though. One of Tayo’s “talents” is playing songs with his farts. For reals.


#4 Thomas the Tank Engine


I’ve been watching Thomas since my oldest nephew was HtB’s age. I loved watching him watch the show. I especially loved listening to him sing the title theme. He would pronounce Edward like “Penguin!”. My only problem(s) is Thomas can be kind of a punk sometimes. And Sir Toppham Hat? That guy’s like the worst boss ever.


#3 Sesame Street 

sesame street

Y’all, Muppets are my jam. I LURVES them! Especially Sesame Street! These guys were such a huge part of my childhood. They’re still good, I’m just a little sad that I don’t know a lot of the folks (or puppets) on the show anymore. Even Maria is leaving!


#2 My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic


My little Gryffindor has just started getting into MLP. This is probably the only show she likes that I will continue to watch after she’s left the room. I can name all of the main ponies. I even have favorites. I guess you could call me a Brony. Or whatever the female equivalent is.


#1 Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel Tiger

Katerina throwing shade.

Of all the shows we’ve watched, this is by far Huff the Babe’s favorite. The catchy songs Daniel and his friends make up to help with daily tasks have actually come in handy with my little one. I honestly don’t have any complaints about this show. Except Katerina. That cat is super annoying.


What about you? What kid’s shows do you like? Which ones do you tell your kids are cancelled?


Fan Girl Friday

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Another week in the books, folks! And what better way to welcome the weekend than with a plethora of nerdy news and novelties just for you!

Avengers: The Age of Ultron hits theaters in a little less than two weeks! I think I need to prepare for the premiere by scoring one of these A-DORK-ABLE dresses from Hot Topic!
marvel dress

I REALLY want the Loki one! Seriously, how cute are these?! Sadly, they’re not available in stores yet, but they will be soon! You can actually head over to Hot Topic’s website and pre-order yours now!

You guys know I love The Muppets, so when I heard that there was a newly-discovered animal that looked just like Kermit, I did the arm flail:


Isn’t he a cutie?! Technically, this little guy’s name is Hyalinobatrachium dianae but I’ll call him Kermit for now.

Being a child of the late 80’s/early 90’s, I was around for a lot of the great, new Disney classics as well as some smooth R&B. So when I saw this mash-up, I squealed with delight:

With the new Star Wars trailer hitting the web, there’s tons of new SW swag hitting stores, too! Like these awesome Han and Leia rings:

i love you i know rings

I think I know what Huff the Hubs can get me for Mother’s Day!

Happy fangirling!

Super Bowl Commercials

Happy Monday!

How ya feeling? I’m currently suffering from a wing-ice-cream-cookie-chip-and-dip hangover. But it was totally worth it.

Did you enjoy the stomping game yesterday? To be honest, I didn’t really watch that much of the game. I had to stream it on the Nook because we don’t get Fox for some reason. I was okay with that, though. I was only watching for the commercials anyway! That’s the whole point of the Super Bowl, right?


Most of the commercials I saw were…okay. There were, however, some hidden gems that I absolutely loved!


Ah, Tebow.

He’s had a heck of a few years, hasn’t he? I thought this commercial was hilarious because it was very cheeky, subtle nod to his professional life. Two thumbs up!


The Goldie Blox commercial is, by far, one of my favorite commercials EVER. This commercial really resonates with me. As a kid, I loved playing with Legos, pretending I was a Ninja Turtle with my cousin, and watching Batman: The Animated Series. So I like it when toy companies are like, “Hey, girls can like this stuff too!” (Don’t get me wrong, I love me some Disney princess movies and pink, sparkly things. But its not ALL I like).


I don’t even know what this commercial is about. All I know is: Tom Hiddleston is in it. That’s all I need to know.


This commercial got me Right. In. The. Feels. You can’t go wrong with a puppy and a horse.


And you know I couldn’t talk about the SB commercials without highlighting my Muppets and the new trailer that debuted!



Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday, Geeklings!

By now, you must’ve seen the news. The new Doctor is Peter Capaldi.

What are your thoughts?

At first I was like, “Erm…he looks like Satan.”

"Burn with me..."

“Burn with me…”


But then, slowly, I got over my fear that he was the Prince of Darkness when other, more flattering pictures of him surfaced:

"I'm the new Doctor! Smashing!"

“I’m the new Doctor! Smashing!”


I’m still not sure.

But, then again, when Matt Smith first started, I was very wary of him too. Its hard for me because my two hearts really only beat for David Tennant. BUT, Matt did a pretty decent job and even got me to cry over his plight a time or two. I do think its time for an older Doctor and I like that they’re not using someone too “Hollywood” (I seriously read on the internet that people wanted Harry Styles from One Direction as the Doctor. REALLY?!)


If you’re still not sold, check out this article from Buzzfeed. It might make a believer out of you!


AnyWHO, congrats Peter! Moving on…


Many of you know that I have mad love for the Muppets. I used to watch The Muppet Show as a kid, along with Muppet Babies; I just can’t get enough of those polyester puppets! When the Muppet movie (the latest one) hit theaters, I was so excited! Well guess what?! I have more reasons to squeal! LOOK AT THIS!



{Insert Kermit arm flail} “Yaaaaaaaayyyy!”


Whilst perusing Think Geek this week, checking off things from our baby registry and adding a few a couple hundred new things, I saw something that I think every dog (and cat) Momma and Daddy needs:

"Nom,nom, SQUIRREL! Nom, nom..."

“Nom,nom, SQUIRREL! Nom, nom…”


Each kit comes with a reusable tray and a mix to make healthy, organic treats for your four-legged baby! AND! Added bonus: you can actually make these in the microwave in three minutes!


School started back this week much to the sadness of teachers and school children everywhere. But instead of crying that school is starting and reluctantly trudging off to that big brick prison everyday, hold your head high and carry yourself with super hero confidence with this:

I am the night; but only after school hours.

I am the night; but only after school hours.

The backpack even comes with a cowl and wings to help you evade teachers asking: “Where’s your homework?” and “Why are you talking like that?”


And finally, did you knw that this week was Geek Week on YouTube?! Me neither! Evidently, YT is devoting its homepage to all things geeky! Check it out!



(Sidebar, if you’re familiar with Felicia Day, she played Charlie in Supernatural, Dr Holly in Eureka, Penny in Dr Horrible, and Vi in Buffy the Vampire Slayer. So she’s got some geek street cred!)

Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday/First day of February, y’all! I’ve rounded up some geektastic finds for you this week! Let’s dive right in!



Ironically, its not titled: "Camping for Dummies".

Ironically, its not titled: “Camping for Dummies”.

If I had this tent, I might actually try camping! With this tent from Field Candy, you can actually crawl into a good book and take a nap! The bookworms dream!


And "S" is for "squeeee!"

And “S” is for “squeeee!”

Many of you know that I am expecting a little Jedi of my own. And, whether this child is a Luke or a Leia, I’m thinking my little padawan needs this onsie.


Scout don't lie.

Scout don’t lie.

I read a lot of blogs as well as books and when I find something that merges the two, I’m happier than when I found out Chick-Fil-A had mini sundaes. Enter: Better Book Titles. This blog actually takes the covers of books and re-titles them with something hilarious and snarky. My favorite? The re-do of Sense and Sensibility:




And speaking of blogs, I also recently found a hilarious site set up by a husband and wife team. They have three kids: a daughter in college, a son in high school, and another son in elementary school. The middle son rides the bus to school everyday. After suffering an injury that led to the father’s leg being amputated, he became a stay-at-home dad. Every school day for the past three years, the dad dresses up in a different costume and waves to his son on the school bus. The pictures are awesome:

"Daddy loves you, son!"

“Daddy loves you, son!”

Thankfully, the kid has a great sense of humor about it and thinks its great. I don’t know if I would’ve been okay with my dad waving from the porch wearing a wedding dress. But, alas, I did not ride the bus. Thankfully.


Who else was reduced to a sad, blubbering mess after last week’s Downton Abbey? What are you doing to us, Julian Fellowes?! Anyhow, the good people over at Sesame Street have come up with a way for us to not only dry our eyes, but also have a good giggle.

Its MUPPETS! And Downton! Come on, people!