Try It Tuesday

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This past Christmas, my MIL got me some awesome Doctor Who Jamberry’s. (In case you’ve been hiding under a rock for the past two years, Jamberry’s are fingernail wraps with cute designs that basically take the tedium out of nail art –and, since I have a kid now, I have ZERO time to spend on my once beloved hobby, so these things are basically made for me). I had been waiting for the best time to try the Jamberry wraps I got, and this weekend my lovely MIL helped me put them on and I thought I would share my experience with you, lovely readers!

Here’s what you need:


~Nail wraps

~Cuticle pusher-thingy (that’s the technical term by the way)

~Nail file

~Alcohol wipe

~Nail clippers (not pictured)

~Hair dryer (also, not pictured; my bad)

First, you need to prep your hands/nails. Wash your hands with dish soap (this helps get oils off of your hands and nails) and dry. Then, wipe an alcohol wipe on every nail to remove excess oils. After that, gently push your cuticles with the pusher-thingy.

Next, pick out which wrap you want to use on which fingernail. Its important to choose a wrap that doesn’t cover your cuticles. Pick one that leaves a little bit of nail exposed. Then, carefully remove and trim the wrap. (Note: Its best to use tweezers to pick up your wraps so you don’t run into problems with the wraps sticking to themselves.)



After you’ve removed your wrap from the plastic, hold it over your hairdryer until it starts to curl (my MIL had the handy-dandy Jamberry dryer, so we used that). Then, place the wrap on your nail.



Once you’ve got the wrap on your nail, press the wrap onto your nail starting in the middle and working your way out. Be sure to smash all bubbles or else the wraps will catch on your clothes, hair, or your kid (ha!).



Clip the excess wrap from your nail. You can also file it down, but sometimes that doesn’t give the best results. I found that by placing the wrap on your nail and then clipping the wrap and nail, you get a more finished look and the wraps stay on better.

Repeat these steps for all the nails until you have ten perfectly manicured nerd nails:



I will say that the first time you do these, its a little tedious. I am a natural shaky person (and so is my MIL) so we both were getting a little frustrated and frazzled because we felt like we couldn’t get the wraps on straight. But I really liked how they turned out! I think the more you use them, the easier they get.


Have you ever tried Jamberry’s (or something comparable)? Did you like them? Did you do anything differently? Share in the comments below!


Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday Button

Happy Friday, fangirls (and fanboys)! I’ve got a collection of geeky goodies that is sure to make your weekend great—even though we have to spring forward. Womp, womp.


You guys know that I went through a HUGE nail art phase. I have since put my polish away (having a kid and zero time on your hands will do that to ya) but after seeing these, I may need to rethink my bare nails:

freaks and geeks nails

It’s the cast of the cult classic, Freaks and Geeks! Aren’t these AWESOME?!


Between my sister and I, there are probably about 75 mugs in the kitchen cabinets. I don’t necessarily need any more…but I would love to invest in this one from Etsy store, DareWare!

silence mug

This shop has a TON of Doctor Who-themed accessories and toys! Check it out!


Huff the Hubs’ new favorite animated movie, Big Hero 6 just came out on DVD! I may need to get him this little cutie for his desk!

baymax vinyl pop

As if Baymax could get any cuter, Vinyl Pop comes out with this figurine! (He may be cuter than the Adipose one!)


I told you a few weeks ago that Emma Watson is going to playing Belle in Disney’s live-action feature of Beauty and the Beast. Well now, we have our Beast!

dan stevens as the beast

That’s right; the late husband of Mary Crawley is leaving Britain for provincial France! AND! We have our Gaston!


Old Man Winter seems to be moving out of the Sooner State this weekend. Its going to be the perfect weather to go read outside, Rory Gilmore-style. And what better way to tote your books than with this beautiful book bag (see what I did there?).

messenger book bag

This messenger-style bag is big enough to hold at least four books AND your laptop!


Happy Fangirling!

Mommy Monday

As you may have noticed, I was MIA last week.

Huff the Babe was puking her poor little guts up early last week and then she decided to share her sickness with Mommy and Daddy. Needless to say Huff the Hubs and I were down for the count Wednesday and therefore did not fully enjoying a day full of pigging out and lounging in front of the TV.

But, we’re all well now and hopefully tummy bugs and all other sicknesses will stay far away until well after the holidays.

Being a mom has taught me many things: how to love, how to have more patience, and all that other sweet/mushy stuff. But something else that motherhood has taught me is that you start to give a lot less care about things you once held dear.

I never really was much of a “manicure” girl, but there for a hot minute I got really into nail art. Every few days I would try something new I found on Pinterest. And, not to brag, but I think I got pretty good:

butterfly nails


caterpillar nail art


Now, however, if my nails ever get painted, they look good for about a day. And then, for the next month they look like this:



So not only do I have the nails of a third grade girl, but I have the hands of a 60-year old steel mill worker. My knuckles are cracked and dry (and sometimes bleed) because I wash my hands so much (because, germs) and thus, my skin no longer has that baby-like softness that my sweet little Gryffindor has.

I try to keep my nails trimmed (because they just get in the way when you’re trying to change a diaper or play pat-a-cake; poor Huff the Babe has been scratched too many times to count) but I don’t really paint them all that often anymore. I mean, if we’re doing family pictures or we’re going to a fancy-schmancy event (which hardly ever happens) I’ll throw some fast-dry NYC nail color on, but that’s about it.

To be honest, I don’t really mind that my nails all too often look janky. I do miss having the time (and energy) to try out new nail art, but my free time is much better spent nowadays watching Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood or rocking a baby back to sleep after she’s woken up (for the third time). Besides, I’d rather get a pedicure than do my own nails ANY DAY!

ecard mom

What about you? Do you do your nails often? How do you keep your hands from looking like the Sahara? I seriously need all the help I can get.

Try It Tuesday

Happy Tuesday, all!

As you know, for a while I was really into the whole nail art thing. My Pinterest boards were flooded with new ways to do my nails. I loved it! It was so much fun! I was obsessed with it for a hot minute.

Then, I got lazy. My nails were very sad.

But this weekend as I was rummaging through my extensive collection of polish, I found a Christmas gift from my sister:

Ba na na na na na na na na.....BATNAILS!

Ba na na na na na na na na…..BATNAILS!


So I thought: I should try these bad boys out!

I’ve been seeing things like this at WalMart, Target, and Walgreens for months now, but I haven’t really given it much thought. Mostly because I thought it was the “lazy girls way to do nail art” and I was getting pretty good at designs! But, alas, with my energy levels super low, I need all the help I can get.

Enter nail stickers.

The instructions looked pretty easy: place stickers on nails, fold down the excess, file off the excess. Ta da! You’re done!

If only it were that simple.

First, the little buggers are really hard to get off the clear strip. (And, if you drop them on the carpet, they get little fuzzies stuck to them. Not that I’m speaking from experience or anything…cough, cough.)

Why must you torment me, adhesive?!

Why must you torment me, adhesive?!

Anyway, so as soon as I matched up the adhesive size to the nails I thought they would fit, I did what the instructions said to do. I folded down the excess–which again, was difficult. There was so much excess that the adhesive on the nail started to get lumpy. After I folded it down and tried to file the excess, it chipped the ends of the adhesive strip! Needless to say, there was a lot of choices words being thrown about in my mind. I really hope babies aren’t telepathic in utero.

When I finally got all of the adhesives attached, I was pleased (mostly because it was over) but I did like how they looked!

Gotham City Chic.

Gotham City Chic.


Have you ever tried the nail adhesives? Did they work for you? What did you think?

Try It Friday

Yes, yes I know. Try Its happen on Tuesday. Well, I was going to do a Try It Thursday, but after an emotional morning/afternoon, filled with worry and anxiety about {literal} bank robbers hiding out in my apartment complex fused with pregnancy hormones, I was in no mood to blog. Or do anything for that matter.

Today, however, is a different story…



This Sunday is St. Patrick’s Day! And of course, I had to get ready by trying some nail art!

Back in December, I did some “Santa pant buckle” nails. So I thought, “Hey! I can change up the colors and they can be leprechaun hats!”

I gathered my colors:

nail polish

Rimmel 60 Second Polish in Sunny Days, NYC’s In a New York Minute in High Line Green, and my black striping polish.


I put on two coats of High Line Green and then carefully did the stripes (aka, the ribbon on the leprechaun’s hat).

green nails


striped nails


After that, I got my dotting tool and added the “buckle” with Sunny Days and voila!

leprechaun hat nails

Try It Tuesday

While perusing Pinterest, I found some cool nail art:

The Silence...or Robert Downey Jr.'s alter-ego?

The Silence…or Robert Downey Jr.’s alter-ego?


This is supposed to be The Silence from Doctor Who. However, I thought it looked more like Iron Man, so I thought I’d try it and say they were Iron Man nails.


For this nail art project, I only needed two different colors: Rimmel 60 Second polish in Sunny Days and Red, Steady, Go.



First, I painted three coats of Sunny Days and then painted the red areas to Iron Man’s helmet.

I am Iron Man. Almost.

I am Iron Man. Almost.


Then, I used my dotting tool to make the eyes. I did the mouth part of on my thumb nail but I didn’t like the outcome (I don’t really like the outcome of any of them, truth be told.)




I guess that’s what happens when you try to do intricate work the day after you’ve been a little sickly. Oh well, there are many more try it Tuesdays to come!



Try It Tuesday

It feels like ages since I’ve done a Try It Tuesday post! When you come back from vacation, it’s like you’ve been gone for months. But, thankfully, I’m back and ready to test out my Pinterest finds!

The first Try It looked simple enough—that’s why I chose it! If you’re like me (AKA, crazy-organized and OCD) then you’ve got a whiteboard handing in your kitchen with the week’s plans written on it. (Wait, you’re not like that? Its just me? Hmm…) If you’re also like me, you hate it when you can see plans from weeks ago, still stained on the whiteboard (I know there’s teachers out there giving me a “Hallelujah!”)

So when I came across this pin:

Yes it does!

Yes it does!

I got really excited. Probably more excited than I should’ve been.

I decided to test it out. According to the pin, all you needed to do was spray air freshener on your white board and the past stains would magically erase.

Here’s my before shot:



And here’s the after:

So fresh and so clean, clean.

So fresh and so clean, clean.

It works! Not only that, but it left my kitchen smelling like oranges! (Its so clean in fact, you can see my reflection. Yes, I’m in jammies.)


*Since I was gone last week, you’re getting a two-for!*


I haven’t really “done” my nails (AKA, nail art) in a while and I really wanted to start trying some of the Christmas-y art that I’ve seen floating around the interwebs. This one looked easier than most, so I thought I’d try it.

Here’s the original pin:

Ho, ho, ho!

Ho, ho, ho!

I used Sally Hansen in Cardinal and White Out, as well as Pure Ice Glitter, and a black striping polish:

Santa Nail Tools


I did a coat of red first and let it dry thoroughly. Then I did my black striping (which was tedious). I let that dry and then used a dotting tool and the white to make the “buckle”. When that dried I used the glitter for the clasp of the belt. Fifteen minutes later:

Mrs. Claus manicure.

Mrs. Claus manicure.

I like this so much I may do my left hand this week! Ha!