Thankful Thursdays

Ah, November. We’re only seven days in and I am already counting down to December. No, not because of Christmas. Or even my birthday for that matter. I’m ready for November to be over because I’m already feeling jaded from the “I’m Thankful” posts on Facebook.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m not so much of a cynic that I think no one should post what they’re thankful for. I’m glad you’re marriage is strong and you love your husband. I’m glad your kids are your life and you’re proud of them. I’m also glad that you love football season because it gives you something else to complain about besides the heat of summer.

But…shouldn’t we be thankful for people and things every day not just 30 days in November?

Yes, I’m thankful for my family and friends and that Starbucks finally has pumpkin lattes. But Oh. Em. GEE, I can be thankful for/post that I’m thankful for that all year round (well, not so much the lattes…they’re seasonal).

So, for the entire month of November, I’m going to do Thankful Thursdays. Don’t worry; I’m not going to post about overly-sentimental things that are so sweet they’ll give you a cavity.

For example, for today’s Thankful Thursday I am thankful for Ecards. Those snarky, sarcastic internet sensations that I pin so much on Pinterest I had to make a board completely dedicated to them.

Why am I thankful for Ecards? They say everything I want to say but can’t find the sassiest, most sardonic way of saying.  Bless you, Ecards for making my life much funnier.






Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday/first day of November!
Most of you are probably counting down the hours to the weekend so you can’t stop checking the clock and head home to scarf down the buckets of candy you scored last night. Or invoke your “Parent Tax” and steal some from your kids. It may not be chocolaty goodness, but I do have some treats to quench your fandom hunger!

If Hermione didn’t already have the COOLEST night light ever, I may be tempted to get this!

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

Can you paint with all the colors of the wind?

It’s a light that projects a rainbow throughout the entire room! Sadly, no pot of gold at the end of it.

Huff the Hubs and I don’t have pets. Scratch that. We have this fish. His name is Gandalf. And even though he’s not real, I think he needs this:

Hulk smash the fish!

Hulk smash the fish!

Think Geek has these awesome Marvel aquarium accessories! There’s Spidey, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, and Wolverine!  I may get them just to put on my desk!

Last FGF, I blogged about a book I saw at Michael’s called Knits for Nerds. I found yet another awesomely geeky knitting book (I guess its time for me to try this hobby!)

On sale now at Flourish and Blotts!

On sale now at Flourish and Blotts!

You ca knits all kinds of wizarding world wonders with the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits guide! Maybe make your favorite blogger a Weasley sweater for Christmas…?

Guys. Its November. You know what that means. My favorite holiday–Black Friday–is only a few weeks away AND The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug will be in theaters before we know it! In the spirit of all things hobbit, I saw this on Pinterest and had to share with those of you that don’t watch The Simpsons as religiously as HtH and I do.

Come Along, Tributes!

I started re-reading Catching Fire the other day and I am officially obsessed again. Now that the vamps from Forks are out of my life for good, I can now give the kids from District 12 my undivided attention and fandom. And thanks to these new photos from Capitol Couture,   I officially cannot wait for November!




Honestly, I’m a little sad that they chose this guy for Beetee. Mostly because I felt like Beetee was a little…strange. And I think this guy looks too put together. I was really hoping that the creepy guy from Lost would be Beetee. But, I’ll give this guy the benefit of the doubt. After all, he’s friends with 007.


"Its another big, big, big day!"

“Its another big, big, big day!”

I think the casting folks got it SO right when they cast Elizabeth Banks as Effie. She is Effie! I’m excited to see what crazy outfits they put her into in this movie!


"Stay alive."

“Stay alive.”

Oh, Woody Harrelson. I loved you when you were serving beer at Cheers and even more when you were killing zombies and hanging out with Bill Murray and I love you as Haymitch.


This is my happy face.

This is my happy face.

This was another casting choice I’m wary of. When I read the book, I pictured Johanna more like Andrea from The Walking Dead; brusque, not very feminine, and doesn’t care about what other people think.  I can only picture Jena Malone as the giggling Lydia Bennett. But, if her facial expression in this picture is any indication of her performance, I think she’ll be okay.


Its not just the bread that's hot.

Its not just the bread that’s hot.

Oh Peeta, you clean up nice. Now where’s my cupcakes?


Its a nice day for a white wedding.

Its a nice day for a white wedding.

Work it, Katniss! Doesn’t she look absolutely lovely in this? I cannot wait to see how J.Law plays the “supposed-to-be-in-love-giggly-school-girl” version of Katniss.


Now if we could just get some photos of Finnick, I’d be happy!