Thriving Thursday

Thriving Thursday Weight Loss


Every Thursday this month, I’m going to be discussing various New Year’s resolutions along with tips and tricks to help you (and I!) achieve those goals. This week, we’re talking about health and wellness!

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Now, I’m not just talking about losing weight. I’m talking about all-around health. Maybe you want to try to drink more water in the new year or make one meal a day the epitome of health or you want to start hitting a certain number of steps per day. Whatever your goal is, start small and make a plan.


Nutrition Goals


There are a ton of apps that you can use to track your nutrition, such as: Sparkpeople (that’s what I use), My Fitness Pal, and My Diet Coach. Water tracking apps like Plant Nanny make drinking water actually fun! This app gives you a virtual plant that you care for through how many cups of water you drink in a day. Its basically a Tamogachi with added health benefits! You can even find some great printables to help you stay on track here and here!



Taking Care of YOU

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If you’re wanting to make self-care a priority in the new year, Aloe Bud is great for that! It sends reminders throughout the day to get up and move, reach out to a friend, and helps you celebrate small victories. Another app called #SelfCare lets you pretend you’re able to stay in bed all day! Throwing mindless scrolling to the wayside, this app helps you take breaks throughout the day and just relax!



Mental Health


As someone who has struggled with anxiety, depression, and OCD most of my life, anytime I find new, healthy ways to cope I’m totally onboard with. Apps such as HelloMind, Calm, and Headspace can help you make great strides if you struggle with anxiety or panic disorders and help you achieve some peace! Plus, never underestimate the power of simply writing out your thoughts/fears/worries/blessings in a journal.


Whatever your health and wellness goals are for 2019, I hope you achieve them and celebrate the fact that you are working to be the healthiest in body, mind, and spirit that you can be! Share your goals in the comments below!




Try It Tuesday

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Today’s Try It is actually a continuation of yesterday’s post. I talked about how I wanted to make sure I was eating more nutritionally-rich foods instead of the fattening casseroles and baked goods I’ve been shoving in my mouth this holiday season.

I watched a great documentary the other day (while riding the stationary bike) called Hungry for ChangeIn the doc, one of the folks interviewed talked about how if you say, “I’m going to stop eating every single thing I’m used to eating and completely overhaul my habits overnight,” you will fail. There’s basically a 99.99% chance after the first day you’ll say, “This is too hard. I’m done.” So he suggested just adding new stuff to your diet.

Then, he went on to talk about some great things to add to your daily menu.

For example, if you normally don’t eat breakfast because you’re always in a rush, buy some bananas. They’re portable, able to be eaten with one hand, and full of good stuff! Or, if you like to eat salads with your lunch, go a step further and add cucumbers or toss in some kale with your romaine lettuce!

Another “addition” he talked about was chia seeds. I had heard of these seeds before, but I hadn’t really tried them, mostly because I didn’t know how to eat them. Turns out, you can just add them to stuff you’re already eating! I decided to do just that.

I popped over to WalMart and bought a small packet of them (I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on something I wasn’t sure I’d like):


Try It Chia Seeds (1)


I added 1 tablespoon to my morning oatmeal:

Try It Chia Seeds (2)


Honestly, I didn’t even notice they were there! So, the next day, I added some to my smoothie. Again, I couldn’t notice them! But, I knew I was getting a ton of benefits from them, such as:

~Omega-3 fatty acids (great for promoting healthy brain development for Huff the Babe)

~Fiber (which most preggos will tell you is a MUST during those 9 months of carrying a wee one)

~Calcium (helps keep Momma’s bones strong as well as giving that bone-building nutrient to the tiny bundle in your belly)

~Antioxidants (aka, stuff to help boost your immune system; which is needed during pregnancy!)


Have you ever tried chia seeds? What do you use them in? Share in the comments below!






Happy first Monday in March, people!

Did you know that March is National Nutrition Month? It is! My assumption is that whoever decided it was NNM thought, “Well, we’re three months in to the new year so most people have probably forgot about their resolutions and eaten a crap-ton of candy. What can we do to make people want to be healthy? Ah yes! National Nutrition Month!”


If you’ve fallen off of your resolution bandwagon or are just looking for ways to get healthy (and want an actual healthy way to do it) I’ve got some great ideas for you!


First, let me tell you a little bit about what I’ve done and what worked for me. After a horrendously bad breakup in 2006, I put on 35+ pounds. I finally realized I needed to do something when I tried on a pair of the largest size of jeans I could find in the junior’s section and they didn’t fit. I literally sat on the dressing room floor and cried. It was bad.


So I did what we all do when we don’t know what to do: I Googled.


Between that and consulting my family, we started doing Body For Life. It was a super simple way to eat healthy. All we had to do was make sure we had a lean protein, a whole grain, and a green veggie at every meal. We also worked out 3-5 times a week. In 4 months, I lost 40lbs. My mom lost 20lbs and my dad lost 25lbs! Not only that, but we were healthy. We felt better, we had more energy, we slept better, and we generally happier people. We also didn’t get sick as often.


Eating healthy really isn’t that difficult. There are so many resources out there! I use an app on my phone (Sparkpeople) to track what I eat. This way, I can keep tabs on my caloric intake, while also seeing if I’ve drunk enough water for the day. (Hydration is important. Many times, people confuse hunger with dehydration!)


Another resource I use is Hungry Girl! She’s got yummy, low-calorie recipes and even recipe swaps for our favorite fast food! And of course, there’s always Pinterest! You can find LOTS of healthy recipes while you’re pinning eCards!


If you want to make a change in celebration of National Nutrition Month, I’ve got some easy, simple ideas for you:

~Switch white pasta for whole wheat pasta (unless you have a wheat allergy, of course!)

~Use 2% or Fat Free cheeses

~Ease down to skim milk (My family and I used to drink whole milk. We slowly got down to skim though. A few months we’d drink 2%, and then we drank 1%, and eventually skim! Now we drink fat free organic milk and it’s so yummy!)

~Swap chicken tenderloins for chicken breast (and go organic if you can find it!)

~Add a green veggie to every meal (Yes, broccoli can be good! Steam some up in these bags, sprinkle with some Mrs. Dash and you’re good to go!)

~For every soda you drink, make an effort to drink two glasses of water. It’ll help keep you hydrated and may even help you knock down your soda intake!


It can be tough to completely overhaul your eating habits in one night. That’s why I was so scared to start; I was afraid I was going to have to give up everything I loved and eat cardboard for the rest of my life. But it’s not true! Small changes REALLY add up. The first month I tried all of this, I lost 10lbs. Seriously.


Just try it out this month, I guarantee you won’t be sorry!