Fan Girl Friday!

Doctor Who Fan Girl Friday


Happy Friday, peeps! Its been a whirlwind here in Oklahoma the past week, what with the teacher walkout and Mother Nature acting a wee bit bi-polar. I think we could all use some fandom fancies to help boost our moods!

As I said, the teacher walkout has been going on all week long. I’d personally like to see one of the awesome teachers down at the capitol wearing this Miss Frizzle-inspired getup!

Ms Frizzle Dress

Isn’t it awesome?! And–bonus!–its under $25! Score!


Tomorrow morning here in OKC there’s a chance of freezing rain and snow. Five days later, the forecast calls for a high of 81. Yes, I’m serious. I think for those days that actually feel like spring, I need to invest in this:

unicorn sprinkler

This magical inflatable sprinkler is what we all need in our yards and our lives! How much fun would it be to run around with the kiddos alongside this?!


Sometimes I feel like a 70-year-old in a 33-year-old’s body. I’m snarky, sarcastic, and like to be in bed by 8:00. And when you get me and my squad together, we’re basically the Golden Girls. Maybe we need to grab these to rep our GG selves!

golden girls chapstick holder

These adorable lip balm holders from Etsy shop Little Dainty Darlings clip onto your keyring, purse, or diaper bag while looking uber-cute!



Its been a rough week. I think we could all use some relaxation and rest. Maybe cuddle up and watch a Studio Ghibli movie! And what better way to enjoy a beautiful Japanese cinematic experience than with these!


These Totoro slippers look so incredibly comfy and cozy! Those plus a catbus to take me on a Starbucks run and my weekend would be set!


Happy fangirling!

My Retail Wish List

You guys. I am so FREAKING excited. There is going to be…..drumroll please….an H&M in Oklahoma City!

*cue the Beatle-mania-decibel-shattering screams*

Oh yeah! According to OKC Talk (which I hear is pretty credible) there are going to be awesome shops popping up all over the Memorial Road area! Obviously, I’m most excited about the H&M (my sister and I frequented that store whilst in London and Liverpool).

However, they’re also planning on building some other things I’m not too jazzed about. Like yet another outdoor store. I’m sorry, after getting Academy, Dick’s, AND Bass Pro, I think we’re set. But I digress. I really wish I was on these planning committees. If I was, we’d have some AWESOME stores that every other major city in America seems to have except OKC. Such as:



Behold, the gloriousness.

Behold, the gloriousness.

I. LOVE. IKEA. Not only do they have cute knick knacks and decor, they’ve also got DELICIOUS Swedish meatballs (seriously, have you ever tried those things? AMAZE-BALLS. Literally.) As of now, we have to drive aaaallllll the way to Dallas just to get something to fill our bright yellow and blue bags. Not cool, IKEA. Not cool.


Top Shop

So posh!

So posh!

Honestly, I’ve never even set foot in a Top Shop. They’re all the rage in London (and you know how I love my Brits) and Kate Middleton shops there ALL the time. I mostly want a Top Shop here in OKC so I can walk around and be all: “Look at all the things I can’t afford but if I could, I’d totes be twinkies with Kate!” (Honestly, if Kate met me, I really think we’d be instant BFFs. Seriously. Plus, our kids are the same age and equally adorable–although I’d give a slight edge to Hermione. I’m bias that way.)


Marks and Spencer

Delightfully British.

Delightfully British.

This is yet another British import. This place is magnificent. Its basically a high-end, nicer WalMart. I know what you’re thinking: “But Jess, isn’t Target our ‘high-end WalMart’?” And to that I say, “You ain’t seen nothing yet.” You know how you can wear pajama pants to WalMart but not to Target? You want to wear at least jeans, a cute top, and throw on some mascara, right? At Marks and Spencer, be prepared to actually shower and shave your legs. Oh yeah, its THAT nice.


What would you like to see in OKC? (Besides the Dairy Queen that’s coming soon!)

Free Schtuff!

Our nation is a melting pot. We all come from different backgrounds, have different views, and different preferences. But, I think we can all agree on one thing: We. Love. Free. Crap.


Since today is July 11th (AKA, 7-11), 7-11s all over the country were giving away free Slurpees® until 7:00 tonight!

7-11 doesn't like Oklahoma. Wah, wah...

7-11 doesn’t like Oklahoma. Wah, wah…

Well…unless you live in Oklahoma. In Oklahoma, our 7-11s serve Icees, not Slurpees® so us Okies get screwed over with the freebie. BUT, all sizes of Big Gulps® are one sale for #0.49 until 7:00 p.m. (though in NYC you’ll only be able to get a 20 ounce, lol).


This got me thinking: What other freebies can I get {that I can eat}?

Well, Me, I’m glad you asked.

Tomorrow, Chick-Fil-A is running their annual Cow Appreciation Day promotion!If you dress like a cow, you get a free meal! If you do it halfway and just wear a mask or something, you’ll get a free sandwich. But still! Free is free, people!

Eat mor chikin.

Eat mor chikin.


If you live in the OKC area, the Oklahoma City Zoo is offering FREE admission on July 17th as part of their Sales Tax Appreciation Day! Go monkey around for free!


Go wild!

Go wild!


Throughout the year, there are freebies or crazy discounts to be found just about anywhere! For example, to celebrate Krispy Kreme’s 76th birthday, they are offering a dozen doughnuts for just $0.76 when you buy a dozen! You could feed a Lifegroup with that (or about 3 teenagers).

Doughnuts for cheap?! yes please!

Doughnuts for cheap?! yes please!


On your birthday, you can receive a free meal at Ihop or a free dessert at pretty much anywhere!  On Veterans Day, active duty or retired military can get a free roast beef sandwich at Arby’s or All You Can Eat Pancakes at Denny’s! Tax Day is chock full of freebies ranging from free popcorn at the movies to free Cinnabon cinnamon rolls, to free shredding of documents at Office Depot and free massages! Even the National Parks Service has free admission dates!


Do you know of any freebies? What’s the best freebie you’ve scored?



Wicked Wednesday!

Last week, me, Huff the Hubs and my sister BB went to Dallas to see Wicked. I was going to post a full review about it on Monday, but it was too hectic a day to focus on blogging. Anyway, back to Wicked. 

"Guuurlll, I got something I need to tell you!"

“Guuurlll, I got something I need to tell you!”

If I had to describe the show in one word it would be: awesofabusupertacular! Yes, I know that’s a made up word, but I don’t care! I can’t use just one word! Why was it so awesofabusupertacular? I’ll tell you.


1. The story is very unlike all the other Oz stories out there. 

Its a hat!

Its a hat!

Don’t get me wrong, I love Judy Garland’s Oz. We watched it all the time as kids. I could probably quote the movie, line for line. I also know the Mayor of Munchkin City’s monologue. Huff the Hubs loves Return to Oz… I’m not a fan. Its like an acid trip with tornadoes. And recently, we saw Oz: The Great and Powerful. Which, was good and had a very original story. Wicked on the other hand tells the story of the Wicked Witch of the West from birth to that nasty incident with Dorothy. I love prequels that tell why a “villain” is the way he/she is. (This is why I loved Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince so much.)


2. The actors were amazing.


"If you sing 'It Ain't Easy Being Green' one more time...!"

“If you sing ‘It Ain’t Easy Being Green’ one more time…!”

The original cast members were Idina Menzel (Elphaba) and Kristin Chenoweth (Galinda). The woman that played Galinda was really channeling her inner Chenoweth. She did a superb job! She was just the right amount of perky and annoying. Elphaba, to me and my crew, actually reminded us a lot of Amy Farrah-Fowler. She was believably awkward and endearing.


3. The music.

Isn’t this why we go to musicals? The music! You don’t go see Grease just to look at the boufont hairdos! You go to hear Summer Lovin’ and Stranded at the Drive-In! The songs from Wicked were no exception. My favorite? Defying Gravity. Huff the hubs really liked the one Galinda sings about being popular. (I think he just liked listening to the cute blonde sing!)


4. The message. 

This kind of goes a long with #1, but I think deserves to be talked about separately  In the musical, Elphaba is a very passionate girl that cares about family, friends, and the way others are treated. Especially when they’re treated with less love and respect than others. But no one pays attention to her good qualities because all everyone can see is the green hue of her skin. I just felt like I related to Elphaba on many levels, but also to Galinda in some ways. Galinda works hard to make others think she’s “good” but doesn’t really know the meaning of true friendship or standing up for someone/something until she meets Elphaba. I’ve had friends like that; those that have shown me what true love and loyalty are just by being in my life.


So would I recommend Wicked? You bet your pointy hat (and your dog too!) that I would! For my Oklahoma peeps: I believe its coming to the Civic Center this September! You’ve got to go! (We didn’t realize that until after we bought our tickets for Dallas. But I figured, Eh, I’ll be giving birth. I don’t think I’d want to sit through a musical going through contractions.)