Try It Tuesday

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Hey y’all! Today I have two Try Its for you! One is so not healthy and the other is a great way to hit your macros and feel like you’re indulging when you’re really not!


Remember when Oreo had the mystery flavor and it was disgusting? Yeah, me too. Well they have officially redeemed themselves because they have a new special edition flavor out–kettle corn!


I REALLY like this flavor! It truly tastes like kettle corn! I seriously couldn’t get enough of these and had to restrain myself from eating the whole package because they were THAT good! Kettle corn is just one of three flavors the cookie giant has released this spring! They also have piña colada and cherry cola!


While grocery shopping a week or so ago, I looked for something that would satisfy my sweet tooth but also had protein and not a lot of calories (I was trying to be good since I knew I was going to pig out for Mother’s Day weekend, lol). My search led me to this:


One package of Think Thin’s protein cakes touts 12 grams of protein and only 170 calories! I was ready to try these! The other day after the kiddos had gone to bed, I decided to dig in.


They were actually pretty good! They definitely had that “protein bar taste” but they did satisfy that craving for something sweet and helped me hit my protein goals for the day! They also come in chocolate cake and red velvet!


Have you tried either of these products? What did you think? Share in the comments below!


Try It Tuesday

Try It Tuesday New Product Banner


Happy Tuesday, peeps! I’ve got THREE new products to tel you about so let’s dive right in!
Y’all know I’m all about cookie dough. As a kid, I ate that stuff out of the mixing bowl ALL the time. I’d literally sneak spoonfuls because that ish was sooooo good. I’m a teensy bit nervous about eating raw cookie dough now, just because I’m like, “If anyone would get salmonella from raw cookie dough, with my luck it’d be me.” Thankfully I found an awesome substitute!
You guys this is LEGIT. It’s so good and not that many calories! They come in a variety of flavors and are AMAZING! (If you’d rather make your own, see my post about edible cookie dough!)
Have y’all seen the Mystery Oreos? My mom picked up a pack the other day and we all tasted them to try and decipher what they were. Personally, I thought they tasted like Fruity Pebbles.
Have you tried them? What did YOU think they taste like?
It’s the time of year for pumpkin errrrrrything and I’ve got a semi-healthy treat that will fulfill your pumpkin needs!
This was soooooo good! The add-ins were delish! I loved the crunch and the pumpkin flavor!
Have you tried any of these? What did you think? Share in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday

Try It Tuesday New Product Banner


Hey everyone! I’ve got a Try It Twofer today, so get ready! Here we go!

Y’all know I’m obsessed with Oreos and all the fun flavors they come out with. This weekend I tried these:


Y’all, these were DELISH! They seriously tasted like a mini apple pie! I think these may be my favorite non-chocolate Oreos EVER!


Whenever Chobani comes out with a new flavor of their flips line, I’ve just gotta try it! I actually went a little crazy last time I was at Target and bought 6 different flavors! What? They were new. I HAD to try them all! Anyway, the one I tried today was carrot cake.



I won’t lie, when I first opened the package, I had a little bit of buyer’s remorse. The yogurt did NOT look appealing at all. It was just a weird color and had chunks of carrot in it.



BUT, after I mixed in the toppings and took a whiff of that yummy cinnamon smell, I was eager to take a bite! This flavor did NOT disappoint! It was super yummy AND filling!


Have you tried either of these products? What did you think? Share in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday

Try It Tuesday New Product Banner


Y’all know I’m all about the new products–ESPECIALLY when Oreo comes out with a new flavor of their classic cookies! Today I’ve got a two-for-one Try It with a healthy item and a not-so-healthy item!

First up, new Popped Salted Caramel Bites from Kind! I love this company’s snack bars, so when I saw this at the store, I was super excited to try it! These little bites are packed with whole grains: oats, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, quinoa, and popped sorghum as well as yummy popcorn, caramel, and sea salt!

At only 110 calories, this yummy treat is exactly what I’ve been looking for! Its salty, its sweet–its great! Two thumbs WAAAAYYYY up!


Up next, the newest flavor of Oreo: Dunkin Donuts Mocha middles Oreo!


Y’all. OH. EM. GEEEEEE! These things were SO tasty! Oreos are basically delicious no matter what flavor (except that whole watermelon phase–bleck!) I love coffee and coffee-flavored stuff, so I thought these were DELISH! I really want to try it swirled in a cup of cappuccino-flavored ice cream! Mmm….


Have you tried either of these? What did you think? Share in the comments below!

Try It Tuesday

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As you know, I love trying new twists on old favorites. I’ve tried almost every flavor of Oreo that the company has come out with and I love trying new types of snack foods and recipes! Today I tried three different, new products that have just hit the market.

Try It Tuesday

Ah, Tuesday. My second favorite day behind Friday. Today’s Try It Tuesday is highlighting some some tasty new supermarket finds!

While grocery shopping the other day, I happened upon these nummies:
photo 1

As a coffee-lover AND potato chip connoisseur, I was ECSTATIC! Two of my favorite things rolled into one! As soon as I opened the bag, the sweet cappuccino aroma flooded my nostrils and I knew I was going to inhale the entire bag.

One chip, however, totally threw that thought out of my head.

I was hoping for more coffee flavor than potato chip flavor and I didn’t get it. So, these are not my fave. And now I have an almost full bag of cappuccino chips if anyone wants them.




Next up were these treats:

photo 2

I love Oreos. When I was pregnant, I probably went through a pack a week of those cream-filled cookies! And I love that Oreo is trying so many new flavors (however I’d skip the watermelon AND the fruit punch ones; trust me). I was a teensy bit hesitant to try these because I don’t really like imitation root beer flavored things, like those little root beer barrel candies? Yeah, gross. But, Huff the Hubs LURVES root beer, so I bought them thinking he might like them too.

The taste was subtle enough to be absolutely delicious! It wasn’t  overpowering and the fact that it is root beer float (i.e., there’s still vanilla cream in the middle) made it perfect! These are probably in my top three favorite limited edition flavored Oreos!




Have you tried any of these? What did you think?

Try It Tuesday: Lazy Edition

Hey Tryers!

This week I didn’t plan enough in advance so I don’t have something fun and fancy to make. However, there have been some things I’ve been wanting to buy and try, so I thought I’d share them with you today!

Lately, I’ve been hearing a lot about the Watermelon Oreos. Sadly, I went to two stores and couldn’t find them. BUT, I did find these! sherbet -flavored Oreos!

The joy of ice cream without making my teeth hurt!

The joy of ice cream without making my teeth hurt!


I was a little nervous about these, not gonna lie. I LOVE the original Oreos and my thinking is: Why mess with perfection? However these bad boys are actually pretty tasty! And, seeing as how I was swarmed by three adults and two toddlers as soon as I opened the package, its fair to say that everyone else liked them too! (As of post time, the package is about half-full. Or half-empty if you’re a pessimist).


I get daily emails from Hungry Girl telling me the latest and greatest in healthy finds. I’ve seen these chips on her site before and every time they’re in an email, I tell myself I’m going to try them.

Beans, beans, the musical....chips?

Beans, beans, the musical….chips?


They’re made with pinto beans and flax seeds are gluten free AND they use hormone-free cheese. Which, in my book, is pretty great. The look of the chips? Not so great:

Sausage? Nope. Its a chip.

Sausage? Nope. Its a chip.


The taste was… interesting. I could definitely taste the flax seed (which wasn’t awful) and the beans. I’m not 100% sold on them; the cheesy flavor just didn’t taste right with the flax and bean. I think I might try the plain ones with some hummus, though. If you’re really wanting to switch out your not-so-healthy chips with a more healthy alternative, I might suggest these.  Or I’d just suggest slicing up an apple. Its a toss up.


And finally, my last taste-test was Extra’s new Lemon Bar sugar free gum. I’ve generally liked all of the flavors from the Dessert Delights collection (mostly the Mint Chocolate Chip and Root Beer), so I was hopeful when I bought this:

A dessert that doesn't have 2,000,000 calories.

A dessert that doesn’t have 2,000,000 calories.


I was a little disappointed. The other flavors in this line were so true-to-life that I thought this gum would be like eating a homemade lemon bar. The flavor went away quicker than I had anticipated. This gum is really good for blowing bubbles, though! I’ve got the gum in my hair to prove it.


Have you tried any of these? What did you think?