Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday!

Its been colder than Hoth outside today, and just as snowy. I think the last time I checked, the total amount of snowfall in Oklahoma City was 4 inches!

But, thankfully, the weather couldn’t keep me from finding all things geeky to share with you today!

OMG, have you guys been to Hot Topic lately? They are really hitting things out of the park with all of their Doctor Who gear! I’m really hoping these are sitting under my tree (wink, wink):

Keep your toes toasty whilst traveling through time and space!

Keep your toes toasty whilst traveling through time and space!



If you didn’t know, Anchorman 2 comes out this month! And, if you’re a Burgandy fan like me, you can’t wait! If you want to keep things class, just spritz a little bit of this on your neck and watch the ladies swoon:

Its illegal in 49 countries.

Its illegal in 49 countries.


Do you have any little nerdlings on your Christmas list? I’ve got just the thing to make your little ankle biter VERY happy! Check out this AWESOME TMNT hoodie from Think Geek:

Give 'em shell, Mikey!

Give ’em shell, Mikey!


Did you watch the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special? Great wasn’t it? I loved the cheekiness of Ten. I’ve missed that great head of hair! And by the looks of it, so did Elizabeth I. Thanks to Think Geek, you can wear that adorable portrait anytime you want!

"The Virgin Queen? You naughty boy."

“The Virgin Queen? You naughty boy.”


That’s all folks! Stay warm and safe on the roads!