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So, the day after Thanksgiving Huff the Tot got the tummy bug and thought that Mommy made a better vomit catcher than her bucket. Yeah. Seriously.

Naturally, I assumed the rest of us were going to get it. A week passed and nothing happened so I figured we’d dodged a bullet. Then on Saturday, I woke up with a sore throat. And white spots on my throat. Sunday, the same things happened. I hit that sore throat hard and thought I had turned a corner. Little did I know that the germs had also turned a corner and decided to go south. Yep. You know exactly what I’m talking about.

Because of this, Mommy has been moving a little slow today while also scrubbing every inch of this house with Clorox wipes. I’m completely convinced that one of my sweet little germ bags gave this to me. Because those kids share every germ imaginable. The gals at I Mom So Hard know EXACTLY what I’m talking about:


Here’s to a healthier holiday season!

Mommy Monday



So, its been an interesting few days here at the Huffman Homestead. Friday, Huff the Babe’s teacher at our Mother’s Day Out program came to me and said, “So don’t panic, but…” (And of course, what did I do? I began to panic) “…a child that was here yesterday was just diagnosed with the flu today.”


Then, she went on to say that Little Man wasn’t his normal, bouncy, happy self. I went to check on him and, sure enough, he was burning up and kept moaning like he didn’t feel good. Thankfully, we had less than an hour left in the day at MDO, so I made a frantic call to Huff the Hubs to meet me at the pediatrician’s. I ran home, dropped Huff the Tot with her MeeMaw, and quickly sanitized everything that Huff the Babe had touched, chewed on, or looked at.


Thankfully, Huff the Tot tested negative for the flu. But he’s teething really, really bad. How do I know? Well, one, the pediatrician said he was teething (his two bottom teeth should pop out any day now!) and two, when we went to Target, he puked. Big time. Projectile. And left a huge puddle on the Lego aisle.



It scared the crap out of me! I’m used to him spitting up, but this was like that pie-eating contest scene from Stand By Me! He seemed fine after that; not fussy, no temp, and just as happy as could be. We went to bed that night hopeful. Then I woke up Saturday with an unbelievably sore throat. I didn’t even have the energy to cry. I was just annoyed.



The rest of the day, I was gargling with salt water, taking Sudafed, and alternating Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Sunday, I felt worse. I had my mom check my throat. Sure enough, I had white spots in the back of my throat. (For those not “in the know”, white spots usually=strep throat.) I skedaddled over to an urgent care and, thankfully, tested negative for strep, but got some antibiotics just in case.

I was able to rest most of the day, thanks to Huff the Hubs, and figured today would just be a movie/pajamas kind of day. As HtH and I lay in bed last night, he said, “This weekend really sucked.” Little did we know what would happen next.

Not even an hour later, Huff the Tot starts crying and wants to get in bed with us. I agreed because I was exhausted and didn’t feel like fighting. About 10 minutes later, I’m cupping my hand and catching her vomit so it doesn’t get all over our comforter. All the while, I’m trying to stay calm and not focus on the fact that I feel as though my throat has been punched a million times by Mike Tyson.



Needless to say, we got zero sleep last night and the Huffman Homestead is officially under quarantine. So please, if you’re sick keep yourself (and your kids) home. Or at least use hand sanitizer, cover your coughs/sneezes, and get a flu shot. This being-sick-while-caring-for-sick-kids thing is no bueno.



Try It Tuesday

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Today’s Try It Tuesday is brought to you by the letter “S”.

“S” is for: Sick…which I am.

Technically, I don’t have bronchitis. Though, I keep coughing, my throat is a little tender, and my head hurts every now and then. But other than that, I’m perfectly fine.

But, though I may not be as spritely as I was last week, I am still here to bring you a tasty treat from the {web}pages of Pinterest!

Today’s letter doesn’t just stand for “sick”, but also “smoothie”!


Since I’ve been feeling under the weather–and given the long line at CVS Pharmacy, I figured others were as well–I thought I would do a Try It that is packed with vitamins and good-for-you food!

Here’s what you need:

FullSizeRender (2)

~V8 Fusion 100% juice (whichever flavor you want; I chose Strawberry Banana because I’ve tried it before and knew I liked it and I chose light because I am still trying to lose a few lbs!)

~baby spinach

~frozen mixed fruit


(In the original pin, the Mommy Blogger uses a larger measurement than I did. This is simply because she made it for herself and her kiddo and her blender is MUCH bigger than mine.)

First, drop the spinach in the blender (I used a cup of spinach). Next, I poured in 3/4 cup juice, and 3/4 cup frozen fruit.

FullSizeRender (3)

Then I blended it and got this lovely mud-colored concoction:

FullSizeRender (4)


I transferred it in to my Snackeez (AKA, the greatest invention known to man) because, 1-like Iggy, I’m fancy; and 2-I was able to pour some almonds into the top part for my snacking convenience.



This was DELISH! I couldn’t taste the spinach (which, I used to drink spinach/banana/peanut butter smoothies ALL THE TIME, so I knew the spinach would not be taste-able) AND this entire recipe was only 110 calories! Perfect for a snack and you get a serving and a half of fruits and veggies! Perfect!


Try It Tuesday

Here lately, my immune system has taken a HUGE kick in the pants. Its like every other week I’m coming down with something.


So I decided two things were to blame: marathon training (training really lowers your body’s ability to fight infection) and the fact that I’ve been eating like a 13-year-old boy (i.e., lots of junk and lots of soda). I want to not only feel healthy, I also want to finally ditch these last 10lbs of baby weight that are so desperately clinging to me.

I used to drink a spinach smoothie about every day. All it was was some almond milk, spinach, a tablespoon of peanut butter, and a packet of Splenda. It was yummy, low calorie, and helped me get in a serving of green veggies easily. When i got pregnant, I heard that kale was the way to go because of all the folic acid. Have you ever tried to blend kale? Yeah. Its disgusting. But I knew it was a super food and I wanted to give it another go.

Whilst shopping, I saw this and thought, “I can put THIS in a smoothie!”



The ingredients were simple: kale puree, spinach puree, cucumber puree, and pure apple juice. That’s it! I wanted to try it by itself first to see if I liked it before making a smoothie with it.

This was a bad idea.

First, it smelled like butt. Seriously. But I took a sip anyway.

Second bad idea.

I could barely choke it down without spitting it back out.



And now the taste is forever burned into my taste buds.



Has anyone ever tried this? Any way to make it more palatable? I don’t want to waste the bottle, but I am SO not drinking that by itself again!





The Perfect Storm

With the weather changing so much around here and all the stress that Huff the Hubs and I have been under (moving, house stuff, just life in general) I’ve been nervous that he would get a migraine. He knows his triggers: chocolate, allergies, and stress, so he tries to avoid/cope as best he can.


Yesterday, it was windy, the allergens were off the charts, and he was given the responsibility of cooking dinner and picking up the baby (as I would be late). It was THE PERFECT STORM.


Sure enough, when I got home–in a great mood and hopeful for a spaghetti dinner to await me–I walked in to a pitch black house, a crying baby, and a husband crawling from the nursery to the couch.


Needless to say, there was a lot of vomit, a lot of ibuprofen, and zero sleep. Which is why, today’s post is half-hearted. Trust me, tomorrow’s will be better! (As will Huff the Hubs…hopefully.)


Sick Day

Hey guys.

Sorry there was no blog post yesterday. I’ve been a little under the weather and couldn’t muster the strength to write.

michael gif


I didn’t think I was that sick. I’ve been a little congested since Sunday. I ran outside in the cold and rain on Saturday, but didn’t think anything of it. That is, until Tuesday evening. I was so congested, I couldn’t sleep a wink.

breathe through my nose


Then, yesterday, I realized how sick I was when I realized it wasn’t March 12th like I had thought all day.

sick gif


I just don’t get it! I’m usually so careful! I wash my hands about 15 times a day, eat healthy, exercise, and I disinfect everything!
sheldon with lysol


So I’ve been laying on the couch all day, eating soup, breathing through my mouth, and watching Netflix, hoping I’ll get better.



Oh yeah, and feeling sorry for myself.

worlds smallest violin


Thankfully, Huff the Hubs is coming home soon. So I’ll have the best nurse around!