Adventures in Sleep Scheduling: Day One

Well, the holidays have come and gone and 2014 is finally here. How are you doing with your resolutions? I’ve been doing okay its only the second day of the year, so I’m still going strong. Even though there’s still a lot of yummy goodies around the house. I guess I should do something about that…

food ecard

My Maryland family left town this morning, which means my daily treks to my parents’ house are going to be non-existent. Evidently Hermione didn’t get the memo. I guess she’s been used to being around a house full of people, surrounded by noise, and constantly being held because today was a DISASTER.

I had started trying to “sleep train” Hermione before the holidays. I started a morning routine with her (after she woke up, I wipe her face with a warm washcloth, change her into new clothes and we read a book/play with some of her toys). I was doing really well with it, even with family in town.

The afternoons? A whole ‘nother story.

She takes a “morning nap” pretty well. She’s up at 6:30, gets fed, goes back to sleep. Up at 8:30 (we do the morning routine) and she’s usually asleep by 11:00.

Trying to get her to take a nap this afternoon? It was like trying to calm a kitten who’s in the bathtub.

The thing is: I knew she was tired!

She was doing this whole thing:

sleepy gif

So I rocked her.

And rocked her.

And. Rocked. Her.

Finally, she fell asleep.

I put her in her crib, and snuck away.

I breathed a sigh of relief. Thirty minutes later?


Needless to say, I had to call reinforcements. First, a call to my sister, and second, a trip to Nana’s.

I was seriously losing my mind.


But, now, I think she’s okay. She seems to be calmer and ready for a nap.

Or maybe that’s just what she wants me to think…