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Before I was a mom, I went out and did cool things. I went to concerts, I traveled (though, we’ve traveled since having kids but let me tell ya, that ain’t no vacation), and got involved in fun activities. Since becoming a mom (especially a mom of two) my definition of “fun” has changed significantly.



So when I saw this video from the hilarious ladies at The Break Womb, I was cry-laughing because of how true it is! Just take a look!



Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday New Banner


Y’all, I seriously feel like I’ve been walking in a fog the past–oh, I don’t know–three months? Four months? Its been rough. With Huff the Hubs in grad school taking super-hard-and-involved engineering classes, me working and keeping the kids all day, as well as getting up 2-4 times a night to breastfeed, I’ve been exhausted. Like, heavy-bags-under-the-eyes-having-vertigo-and-can-barely-stay-awake exhausted.


Something had to give. I knew Huff the Hubs couldn’t just STOP grad school. I mean, it’s free (his work is paying for it), he’s already halfway done, and it will help our family in the long run. I didn’t want to put both kids in daycare and I was not about to stop nursing (personal choice; don’t get all butt-hurt thinking I’m insulting formula-users. I’m not. Check yourself before you wreck yourself). So the only thing left I could give up was work.

So a week and a half ago, I turned in my two week’s notice.



Honestly, it was a pretty easy decision. I’ve always known I wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but I wasn’t sure when that was going to happen. And, to be quite frank, I’m a little nervous.

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I know that this is going to be a big challenge. I mean, I love my kids. I love them with my whole heart. But sometimes, my patience wears thin. Like when Huff the Tot throws a fit because I made her a PB&J and not chicken nuggets even though she she said she wanted a sandwich.



Or when Huff the Babe is screaming his head off and nothing–and I mean NOTHING–will calm him down.



My mom was a SAHM until my sisters and I were in school full-time. She assured me that there are days that you want to rip your hair out, but that it is survivable…



…and totally worth it.


I know this is the right decision for me and my family, but I also know there will be good times and frustrating times; victories and failures, and days I want to be around my kids and others I’ll be hitting the door as soon as Huff the Hubs walks in.

So here’s to a new adventure!


Are you a SAHM? What are some ways you stay sane? Was it hard for you to make the decision to stay home? Share in the comments below!

These are my confessions…

Before I got pregnant (and really up until my 5th month) I had a deep prejudice toward working moms. When someone told me they were so excited to go back to work after having their baby I would usually think the same thing: “What a cold-hearted monster!”


How dare a woman not want to stay home with her baby that she just carried for nine months and delivered? That’s just not right. That woman should want to be home with her child, 24/7, loving and caring for his or her needs.


“After all,” I thought, “my mom stayed home with us girls until we were all in school. Then she decided to go back to work. That’s how everyone should do it.”


Now, however, my mind has completely changed.


I’m not going to lie: I was really excited about going back to work today. Granted, I’m only in the office one day a week so I’ve got a pretty awesome deal that I know many women would like to have. Plus, I really like what I do. So the days I work from home don’t really feel like work because I like it, and it comes pretty easy to me.


As the end of my maternity leave got closer and my excitement to see my coworkers increased, I realized what a narrow-minded jerk I had been to all those working moms in the past (of course they didn’t know about it because it was all in my thoughts). I knew some moms had to go back to work—most homes need two incomes to survive (especially if this recession has taught us anything) but I suddenly realized something else: some moms like to work. And…I’m one of those moms.


I always thought I would be a stay-at-home mom. My mom stayed home and I LOVED it. She was always available for class parties, she was involved in so many of our activities, and I felt a deep bond with her that lasts to this day.


My sister is a stay-at-home mom too. And let me tell ya, that woman is like freaking Midas; everything she touches turns to gold. She bakes, she cooks, she sews, she scrapbooks, she blogs, AND she home schools.


So because they are SAHMs, I thought I would be too. After all, we’re from the same gene pool; I’m bound to get some of those awesome mommy chromosomes, right? Right?


I do think I’m doing pretty well with this parenting thing. I’m really feeling a close bond with Hermione and I’m learning to function on not a lot of sleep. And, to be honest, I don’t mind the late-night feedings and blow-out diaper changes. I want to do that. I want to take care of my baby.


But I also want to have something outside of the house. I want some adult-only conversations (not that the subject matter has to be “adult”; although you know I love poop and fart jokes). I want time to focus on something that stimulates my creativity. I know I could pick up a hobby like sewing or crocheting, but I love to write. And I really like my job. And I feel like I’m good at it. And—though I know this may sound selfish to some—but I feel like if I’m feeling fulfilled in something that I enjoy, I’ll be a better mother to Hermione.


So now I get it.


I get that some moms have to work, some moms like to work, and some really like staying at home. I get that whether you work in the home or out of the home, it doesn’t mean you love your child any more or any less. And I also get that we women get enough crap from other sources; we shouldn’t be giving each other a hard time just because we make different choices about work.


To any mom, whether you’re at home or climbing the corporate ladder, I want to tell you you’re awesome. And I promise to stop the judging. Unless you wear socks with sandals. You’ll really just be setting yourself if you do that.