Try It Tuesday



Ever since I caught wind of the new subscription box craze, I have wanted to start up a subscription. The problem was, there are so many and some can be crazy-expensive. Plus, I’m not really into makeup and I don’t collect anything (except Sonic straw wrappers, but that’s just under my driver’s seat–hey oh!) so I didn’t think I needed a subscription. If I spent a lot of money on something I didn’t use, I would just feel immense guilt that I wasted money. Then I heard Walmart did subscription boxes for $5! Ya girl was excited.



I subscribed on the website  and my first box came a few days ago! The boxes are sent once a season (every three months) and are filled with different beauty products (aka, not just makeup). Here’s what I got in my “winter” box:


My favorite thing (besides the coupons–what, what!) has to be the Curel lotion. My hands are hella-dry because I wash them about fifty times a day (because, diaper changes) and I don’t like to moisturize because my hands always feel slimy. But the Curel is great because it doesn’t feel greasy! It dries in seconds and my hands still feel smooth.

I also really like having trial size stuff around because, in Oklahoma, spring is a crazy time around here (see: tornadoes). My parents–thankfully–live only a 3-minute drive from us and have a storm cellar (we don’t). I like to have a “go bag” ready in ‘nader season, just in case we’re hunkered down for the night at my parents’ or, should things get really dicey, not have a place to come home to. Enter: trial size toiletries.

Have you ever done a subscription box? Which one did you choose? Share in the comments below!