Mommy Monday



About a week and a half ago, Chip and Joanna Gaines (of Fixer Upper fame) unveiled their new line at Target and women everywhere lost their minds. Including me.


Seriously, have you seen the stuff included in the Hearth and Hand collection?! Its adorable crap like this dollhouse:

hearth and home dollhouse

Huff the Tot would have it looking like one of the Gaines’s houses on #demoday in about fifteen minutes, but still! SO. ADORABLE.


And these galvanized shelves?! My house is in no way “farmhouse style”, but NEED.

hearth and home shelves


Why yes, even though I am not hosting Thanksgiving this year (or any year in the foreseeable future) these napkin rings should be in my house:

hearth and home napkin rings


Oh, hello, precious little advent calendar that I would probably forget to fill up but you’re so chic and cute that I want you anyhow…

hearth and home advent


Seriously, what is it with these people?! Why do they make such cute things and why do I need to BE JOANNA GAINES?! These ladies get it.



BRB, measuring my walls for shiplap.



Mommy Monday

mommy monday


When I used to read Cosmo (like, when I had actual time to read and I needed tips on how to look “hot on a budget”—seriously, who has time for THAT?) and other magazines, I loved seeing the “What’s In My Bag” page. Typically, they’d have a celebrity share what they carried around in their hella-expensive designer purses. They almost always had the same thing: expensive perfumes you’d see in department stores, $20 lip balms, hair products that were featured on Oprah’s Favorite Things episodes, and wads of cash.

As I was cleaning out my purse (a weekly ritual I reserve for Sunday afternoons, I started to giggle, thinking about all of the things in my bag and how ridiculous it would look in a glossy magazine, compared to what’s in Beyonce’s Michael Kors tote or Kim Kardashian’s Hermes Birkin Bag.

So here’s what’s in MY bag:



  1. Star Wars bag from Think Geek
  2. Coupon holder, organized by aisle at my fave grocery store!
  3. A fan for those “I’m-in-my-thirties-why-am-I-having-hot-flashes?!” moments.
  4. Old receipts that I haven’t thrown out yet. Mostly from Target. Because, Dollar Spot.
  5. An old, dirty bib that has been in my purse for who knows how long.
  6. through 22. : My new Harry Potter wallet, multi-use tool, notepad and pens (I HAVE to write things down or make lists because I have horrible Mommy-Brain), an empty cup from a free sample I got last week at Wal-Mart, hair clip and hair tie (because a mommy of a little one can’t wear her hair down unless she wants bald spots), hand sanitizing gel (in “Stress Relief”; because, children), iPhone car charger adapter, headphones, Mace (which I got after the break-in), Aveeno hand lotion (my hands are crazy-dry because I wash them 20 times a day), EOS lip balm (seriously, the BEST ever), a Little People figurine (because, children), my Loretta Lynn pill box my mom got me in Tennessee, a Harley Quinn compact mirror, and sunglasses (from the Dollar Spot at Target; seriously, there’s point in paying #15 for shades when your child pulls them off your face. Plus, I lose sunglasses like ten times a day).

What’s in YOUR bag? Do you even carry a purse or do you shove everything in your pockets? Or maybe you use your kid’s diaper bag as a purse? Share in the comments below!

Mommy Monday

I’d never call myself a fashionista. Even before having a kid I didn’t dress up too fancy. But, I always tried to look nice; have my hair done and my makeup on (unless I was going to Walmart, of course). When Huff the Hubs and I were dating, I made an effort to look my best (how else was I supposed to catch him?).


After I had a kid however, all sense of fashion (and hygiene) went out the window.


Look at that girl. I bet she was able to shower everyday, too. I ENVY her.

Look at that girl. I bet she was able to shower everyday, too. I ENVY her.


I used to think that I’d never be one of “those moms”. The ones that wore yoga pants all day, never wore jewelry, and didn’t wear t-shirts without holes. Then, I had a child.

stains on shirt ecard



I went from coordinating outfits and accessories to sniffing the armpits of my shirts and inspecting jeans for spit-up stains before deciding what to wear. My cute dresses have been replaced with V-neck tees from Target in every color of the rainbow.

And that's only a quarter of my collection!

And that’s only a quarter of my collection!


There are times that I see young moms with their hair perfect, hopping out of their cars dressed like Kate Middleton and I get a twinge of jealousy. But, most of the time, I don’t mind that I have a drawer of broken necklaces that Huff the Babe has destroyed. I’d rather be in my sweat pants and t-shirt, playing “Where’s Hermione?” than be dressed to the nines.


What about you? Has your style changed since you had kids? Does it bother you or are you okay with it?


Digital Detox Update

Hey guys!

As you know, I have been working on a 31-Day Detox. It started out as a digital detox (i.e., trying to not use my phone for anything other than calls or texts) but I also added a few other habits I wanted to try and steer clear of:


~Eating fried food

~Needless spending


So how’s it going now that the month is coming to an end? Well…let me break it down for ya.


Digital Detox

Sherlock-PhoneWhen I first started the digital detox, I did really well for about a week. I was getting good at only using my phone for texts and calls and I even deleted Candy Crush. I stopped looking at Pinterest as I laid in bed at night and I was getting some really good shut-eye! But, after a while, I started using my phone for stuff. It mostly small things like, “Oh, I need to track my food on Sparkpeople and I’m nowhere near my computer. I’ll forget if I don’t do it now!” or “Crap! Did I pay that bill online? I’ll just check my bank app and see if I did.” After that, it kind of snowballed. So I’m not 100% smartphone-free. BUT, Huff the Hubs has said that he can tell a difference and, sadly, even commented, “I feel like you’re more present.” That hit me right in the heart. I knew I had an addiction to my phone but I didn’t realize it was so bad!



gossipThis one was tough, for two reasons: 1., my life isn’t very interesting, so if I hear something “juicy”, I automatically want to repeat it; and 2., Its tough to distinguish between relaying information and gossip. I told myself that if I couldn’t back up what I heard from other people with facts or if I wouldn’t say something to that person’s face, I wasn’t allowed to say it to anyone else. I would say I did okay with this challenge. There were a few times I slipped up, but I have been learning a lot about self-control and making sure I think before I speak. 


Eating Fried Food

honey boo boo

Honestly, i didn’t think this one would be so tough. I don’t really eat that much fried food so why would this be hard*? But then I remembered Chick-Fil-A. you know, that red-and-white haven of tasty, tender chicken nuggets and the golden waffle fries…? Ah yes, you know. I typically eat at CFA once a week (typically while I’m out with Hermione and running errands) and since I’m still breastfeeding, I get crazy hungry if I haven’t eaten in a while. Thus, I stop at CFA to get a quick bite. When I realized I would have to give up my nummy nuggets and fabulous fries, I was a little distraught. I did pretty well for a while though, ordering grilled nuggets and a fruit cup. But, one day I was ravenous and fruit just wouldn’t do the trick. So I ordered grilled nuggets…and a waffle fry. And that one time turned into three more. Le sigh. 


No Needless Spending



I truly thought that this habit was going to be the toughest to break. I work from home and so when I need some human interaction, I go to Target. And then I end up buying a bunch of crap I don’t need at the Dollar Spot. But this habit was actually the easiest. Whenever I walked into a store I would think, “Stick to the list, stick to the list” and only buy what was on the list. And now, my Slush Fund is lasting A LOT longer!


Even though I didn’t do perfectly, I still worked hard. Its tough to break habits in 30 days that have been formed over a series of years. I’m not going to let the end of August stop me from working toward my goals. I still want to put the phone down and be present; eat healthy, whole foods; watch my words; and make sure that I’m not just throwing money away.


What about you? Did you “detox” from anything this month? How did it go? Were you surprised by how you did?

I <3 Cyber Monday

Happy December everyone!

Your pants fitting a little tighter after the gorge-fest that was Thanksgiving? Honestly, I didn’t as much as I thought I would. I had to keep my stamina up for deal hunting on Black Friday Gray Thursday? Did you score any good deals? Huff the Hubs and I may have gone a little overboard on the toy shopping for Hermione.

Spoiled much?

Spoiled much?

But, that’s the point, right? Spoiling your kid with stuff they don’t really need just to see the look of joy on their face? Granted, Hermione is only 3 months old and barely knows when she’s pooping, let alone what toys are. But still…I know. And I want her to have a great first Christmas!

I’m still in shock that Christmas is only 23 days away!

Thankfully, I am 100% done with my Christmas shopping! December is one of the busiest months for us and I hardly ever get to enjoy it because I’ve got so much stuff on the calendar.

But, if you’re like many of the folks out there, you’re still checking people off your shopping list. And, since today is Cyber Monday, you’re in luck!

I’ve scoped out the best deals for you to knock that list out!

Walmart has these excellent steals:

LG 55″ LED TV for only $799!

HP Sleekbook Ruby Red 14-inch Pavilion Laptop PC for $295!
AND, as of November 22nd, is offering FREE shipping on orders over $35! Holla!

Target is not only celebrating with Cyber Monday, they’re doing Cyber Week! Here are some gems:

Dyson DC-41 Animal vacuum for $399.99 (reg. price $599.99! I. WANT. ONE.)
Polaroid Action Cam for $89.99 (reg. price $129.99)

Plus! All men’s, women’s and kid’s apparel and accessories are buy one get one 60% off plus free shipping!

Amazon is also stretching Cyber Monday into seven days’ worth of wonderful discounts! Such as 50% off Fisher Price and Mattel toys and $50 off Kindle Fire HDX!

ThinkGeek is offering FREE SHIPPING for everyone! It’ll take less cash to get your favorite geeky goodies in time for Christmas!


Have you scored any good deals?

Everybody in the Pool!

This week–since its been so hot–I’ve been frequenting my sister’s pool. The other day we were talking about how we used to have a pool growing up and how we never wanted to get out. We would spend HOURS in that pool. Which, I find funny because we didn’t really have a lot of pool toys. We just swam around, pretending to be Ariel or did flips off the deck. Nowadays, it seems like you HAVE to have pool toys; kids can’t be entertained for hours without some sort of object to float on or throw.

So I searched for pool toys online to see what was out there. And OMG, things sure have changed since 1989!

Check out this inflatable see-saw from Target:

Launch your friends into your neighbor's pool!

Launch your friends into your neighbor’s pool!

That really puts our inflatable alligator to shame.


This next item from Pool Products 4 Less just seems like a disaster waiting to happen. Plus, it seems like it would take up the entire pool!

Its basically a life-size Whack-a-Mole for the pool.

Its basically a life-size Whack-a-Mole for the pool.


This item is for the adults! Don’t want to get out of the pool for a drink or to partake in a friendly game of beer pong? There’s no need to fear; Perpetual Kid is here! Just make sure the water is warm enough, a solar heater is a great alternative.

You can drink in the pool, just don't pee in it.

You can drink in the pool, just don’t pee in it.


Maybe you’re not much of a swimmer, but you’d like to enjoy the pool whilst feeling like you’re getting a little culture. Enter Swim Outlet’s singing gondolier.

Itza me! Mario!

Itza me! Mario!

This suave gondolier sings three authentic Italian songs, glides around on the water, and lights up in the evening for some subtle romantic lighting.




Try It Tuesday

Hello, Tryers!

Today’s Try It Tuesday was especially special! My family from Maryland (2 nephews, a niece, and a sister) are in town and brought me and Huff the Hubs a gift:

Look out, Krispy Kreme!

Look out, Krispy Kreme!

Its a Sunbeam Donut Maker! Its pretty much one of the greatest inventions ever. AND since my brother-in-law is a Target Deal Finding Ninja, he got it for more than half off! Holla! (If you follow me on Pinterest, you can see my donuts board that I made in anticipation for this!)

Anywhoo, since the kiddos are in two and I had to solidify my position as the favorite, i thought I’d make them donuts for breakfast. It was my first time using this, so I was a little nervous.

The recipe was pretty simple:

~1 ½ cups plain flour
~½ cup sugar
~1 ½ teaspoons baking powder
~9 tablespoons butter, melted
~¾ cup milk
~1 egg, lightly beaten

Yes, you read that right: NINE tablespoons butter. This is like, a Paula Deen recipe y’all!

All you have to do is preheat the donut maker, combine the dry ingredients, and then wisk in the rest! When its all combined, it’ll be pretty thick:

I didn't put the Sour Patch Kids in the donuts, btw.

I didn’t put the Sour Patch Kids in the donuts, btw.


Then, you pour (or pipe) the dough into the preheated donut maker when the ready light turns on:

Nom, nom, nom.

Nom, nom, nom.


About 6-7 minutes later, when the donuts have become golden brown, pop them out of the donut maker and let them cool. Or dive right in and scald your tongue.

I didn't eat all of them. Just kidding, I did.

I didn’t eat all of them. Just kidding, I did.


After the donuts have cooled, top them with your favorite icing/sprinkles and dig in! (Sidebar: We didn’t use the icing recipe that was in the packet, we just used some homemade icing my mom already had on hand from making a cake earlier in the week. Its basically a cup of powdered sugar and two tablespoons milk. Similar to the one I used when I made the Pumpkin Donuts.)

Oooohhh yeeeeahhhh.

Oooohhh yeeeeahhhh.


I REALLY liked these! They’re so tasty! And they were delicious while they were still warm. I think my taste-testers enjoyed them too: