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Before I was a mom, I went out and did cool things. I went to concerts, I traveled (though, we’ve traveled since having kids but let me tell ya, that ain’t no vacation), and got involved in fun activities. Since becoming a mom (especially a mom of two) my definition of “fun” has changed significantly.



So when I saw this video from the hilarious ladies at The Break Womb, I was cry-laughing because of how true it is! Just take a look!



Mommy Monday

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Y’all, this parenting gig is tough. Everyday there’s a new study being shared by a person on Facebook who thinks they have all the answers (hint: NO ONE has the answers and if someone claims to have all the answers, they’re delusional and you should not listen to them) and says they know how you should raise your child. One area of parenting I see being discussed a lot is discipline.

Everybody has an opinion: spank, don’t spank, redirection, positive reinforcement, negative reinforcement, redirection, loss of privileges, lax parenting, etc. Many times I have to hit the “hide post” button because my eyes hurt from all of the rolling they do.

But, thankfully, there is one place I can find a break from all of the debates and get some giggles: the YouTube channel, The BreakWomb! Check out their hilarious video discussing discipline techniques:

Mommy Monday




It’s finally here, Mommas. The day when your children will lose their ever-lovin’ minds for a piece of candy. In my home we call that “everyday”, but the rest of the world calls it Halloween. Gird your loins. It’s probably going to get rough. If you haven’t already, get your plan together, just like the hilarious ladies over at The BreakWomb!




Have a safe and fun Halloween!

Mommy Monday

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Now that Huff the Tot is getting closer to becoming a “threenager”, things have become much more interesting around our house. Dinners are less about actually eating and more like hostage negotiations. Bedtime now consists of someone throwing themselves on the floor in a tantrum while another is crying in the corner in the fetal position (and yes, one of those is me). And when I say, “Its time to clean up” my kid hears, “Time to dump out the 500 piece Lego box and watch the vein in Mommy’s forehead rupture!” 

So when I saw this video from the gals at The Break Womb, I had to laugh to keep from crying: 


Can you relate?

Mommy Monday

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A few weeks ago, Huff the Hubs and I made an agreement. Even though I’m the “default parent”, because he is going back to school and up to his ears in homework, I told him I would do everything that needed to be done around the house (and try to have a servant’s heart about it) if he would do the one chore I do not enjoy: bath time for the kids. He happily agreed. This gives me time to get a break from the kids and gives him time to bond with them. Its a win-win.

I won’t lie; I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed since we made this agreement. So much so that’s its been showing it physically (dizziness, shaky, light-headed, vertigo). But knowing that its only for a season makes it somewhat bearable.

So when I saw this video from the hilarious ladies over at The BreakWomb, I couldn’t help but chuckle and silently give a “Amen, sistahs.”

So to all you overwhelmed, overworked Mommas, turn up the volume and get ready to feel the solidarity:

Mommy Monday

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I don’t know about y’all, but most days I feel like I’m a complete failure. I’ll see other moms on Facebook, talking about how their kid achieved this or completed that, all while Super Momma was there to sew a dress, teach them Algebra, and bake cookies for their classmates in the shape of their favorite historical figure. I look at these women and I can’t help but think:

“That looks exhausting.”


“Should I be doing more?”

But then I watch videos like this one from The Break Womb and realize I’m doing what I can and that is enough!

Ever been in situations like that? How do you deal?

Mommy Monday

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With everything out there in way of parenting advice: blogs, articles, books, magazines, celebrities; sometimes us moms can take things a little too seriously. Add that into the never-ending guilt and fear you feel that whatever move you are making could potentially turn your child into a serial killer or a “live off the grid because I’m searching for Sasquatch” type of crazy person, its enough to make us all feel like failures.

Sometimes you just have to tell all of the different media outlets to gent bent and do things your own way and trust your own instincts. What made me realize this? A long hike? No. An article telling me to not listen to articles? No. It was a sketch comedy video showing just how ridiculous I can be…

Sound familiar?

Trust your instincts, ladies. We got this.