Fan Girl Friday!



Happy Friday, folks! Today, I’ve rounded up some of the newest trailers for upcoming movies I’m super excited about! Let’s dive right in, shall we?


This Christmas, things are getting a little more magical with a new imaging of the Disney classic, Mary Poppins!

We’ll see if Emily Blunt can fill Julie Andrews beautifully tailored boots!


Next up, we’ve got another Star Wars flick to look forward to! This time, we’re going to get the inside scoop on the history of everyone’s scruffy-looking nerf herder!


Every wonder why The Grinch hated Christmas so much? Well, this November we’re going to finally find out! Voiced by Sherlock, er, I mean Benedict Cumberbatch, The Grinch is in theaters this year just in time for the holidays!


Everyone’s favorite super hero family is back this June in the much-anticipated sequel, The Incredibles 2! 


Which movie are you most excited about? Share in the comments below!

You’re a Mean One…

There’s still 37 days until Christmas and I’m already so done with the holiday season.


Saturday, Huff the Hubs and I went shopping. Big mistake.


I told him, “Its not even Thanksgiving and I feel so behind on my Christmas shopping!” I was determined to get some shopping done. I was excited at the thought of picking things out for my family and friends; after all, I’m the (self-appointed) queen of getting people great gifts.

This was basically me:


After about 20 minutes of being out in public, I quickly changed my tune.


People kept cutting me off as I drove to the stores or they’d get in front of me and slam on their brakes. Causing me to do this:

(Click me)

(Click me)

Then, once I got to the store, they’d do the same thing. Or, they would get about 3 inches from me and look over my shoulder as I perused the racks.


Finally, I had had enough. When I met up with HtH at American Eagle, I threw my hands up and said: “Social niceties have been suspended for the rest of the day! I’ll see you at the Great American Cookie Company kiosk!”


I proceeded to run over any feet that were in my way with the stroller, huffing, puffing, and mumbling profanities under my breath. I ordered my cookie and ate it angrily. I stomped out to the car and when HtH got in he looked at me, smiled and sang: “It’s the holiday season, boop be doop!”


And, trying so hard to not let my face crack, I laughed. That guy knows how to make a Grinch smile. And then, I felt bad for my attitude.


So…. I guess what I’m trying to say is: don’t be a jerk this holiday season. Don’t cut people off; give them adequate space when looking at the same items in the store, and should you see an angry woman pushing a stroller with a purpose as she heads to the cookie counter, for the love of Santa get out of her way!