Fan Girl Friday

Another end to another week and MAN it feels good!

I’ve searched high and low, near and far to find you the ultimate list of fandom finds!

Summer is officially over, which means wedding season is officially (mostly) over. On one hand, I’m happy about that. On another, I’m a little sad that I wasn’t invited to a wedding at Disney World. Why? Well, besides the obvious (Mickey Mouse, Epcot, singing pirates) I want to see the AH-MAZING cakes like this one in person! Check out what the magicians over at the House of Mouse have cooked up:


How awesome is that?! The cake is able to project wrapped pictures on the cake and can even change to show where cake slices have been cut! Check out the Disney Wedding blog for more!


A few years ago, I was NOT at all into Zombies. That is, until I saw Zombieland. That was basically the genesis of my fascination with zombies. And, thankfully, there’s a sequel in the works!

zombieland 2

According to Cinema Blend, Ruben Fleischer (ZL’s director) is working with other execs and screenwriters to get a script going! Unfortunately, its unlikely that the original ensemble with make a reappearance. Sad panda.


Looking for a way to make pizza night just a little more fancy? has you covered! They recently perfected the art of pizza cakes. Yes, you read that right: pizza cakes.

pizza cake


I’m thinking this is the just the thing to bake for mine and Huff the hubs’ date night!


You guys know I have mad love for all things Harry Potter. I’ve read the books tons of times, I’ve been to midnight showings/releases, and I even named my daughter Hermione for goodness sakes! If ever there was an ultimate HP fan, its me. However, I think Menahem Asher Silva Vargas from Mexico City, Mexico has me beat.


Homeboy has 3,097 pieces of Potter memorabilia! Yes, over 3K HP-themed figurines, stuffed animals, sweaters, flags, and so much more! His collection caught the attention of the folks at Guinness and is now on the books as the holder of the world’s largest Harry Potter collection! Merlin’s pants!


Speaking of fandoms, please don’t hurt yourself by rolling your eyes too hard at this next story.

I’m not ashamed to say that I have read all of the books in the Twilight series (multiple times) and went to all the midnight showings of the movies. Annnddd…. I threw a Breaking Dawn release party, complete with costumes. Having said that, I’m not as into the fangs from Forks as I used to be. I prefer my vamps from the East Coast (think: Mystic Falls, VA). But, for those of you who can’t get enough of Team Edward/Team Jacob, good news! They’re coming back! Well, sort of.


Lions Gate is partnering up with Twilight creator, Stephanie Meyer and will select five aspiring female directors to create short films in the Twilight universe! Whilst I could do without another screening of Bella, I think its awesome that LG and SM are trying to get young girls excited about film making. We need more female directors and storytellers…even if they make movies about an angsty teen whose in love with a centuries old vampire.

Fan Girl Friday

Do you hear a high-pitch squeal? It’s coming from movie theaters all around the country. Why? Because the last installment of the Twilight Saga, Breaking Dawn Part 2 opened last night at midnight (or 10:00 p.m., depending on where you live).

I’ve been to every midnight showing of the Twilight films, but not this one. I’m okay with that though; I think I may be getting too old to stay up that late (last New Year’s Eve, I fell asleep at 8:00.) And though I’m going to be relieved that the Twilight sensation is over with, I’m still a little sad to see them end.

Since I have to work, I didn’t get to do the super fun Twilight marathon down at Harkins, but I do have Breaking Dawn Part 1 playing in the background as I type. Watching the movie makes me think back to the first film and all the anticipation. So with the end of films, I thought it’d be fun to look over my favorite Twilight moments:

1. Robert Pattison cast as Edward.

When I first read Twilight, I had no idea it was being made into a movie. I can’t really remember the mental picture I had painted as to what my Edward looked like, but when I saw Rob Pattinson had been cast I was like, “Hey! Isn’t that Cedric Diggory?!” I remember him because all the girls thought he was soooo cute when Goblet of Fire came out, but I was like, “That guy?! He’s forehead is ENORMOUS!”

“Don’t like my face? I’ll just bite your head off. Literally.”

Now, however, the five-head has grown on me.

2. Seeing the cast at Comic-Con

I primarily went to Comic Con in ’09 for two reasons: 1., to see David Tennant and 2., to see the cast of New Moon. I. COULDN’T. WAIT. The morning of the panel, we woke up early and got in line at the convention center. When the cast walked on the stage, there was an explosion of applause. And I, being who I am, yelled out to K Stew: “Nice mullet!” I’m so mature.

“OMG, I’m so like, too hip for this.”

3. Going to the midnight showings.

When Eclipse came out, my devotion to the red-eyed vamps was starting to wane. So much so that I asked my sister to make me and my other sister shirts that read: Team Volturi.


I’ve also seen some awesome shirts that read: Team Guy That Almost Hit Bella with a Car. Gotta love cynicism.

4. The parodies.

I. LOVE. PARODIES. Especially when they make fun of something I like. I feel like I can laugh more at something if I’m involved in the hype. These two are, by far, my favorite parodies of the Twilight craze:

5. Bella’s Pregnancy.

Pregnancy is a beautiful and magical time in a woman’s life. Unless you’re Bella Cullen. Homegirl looked a hot mess in BD1. And, being the petty person I am, I enjoyed it.

“They didn’t cover this in ‘What to Expect When You’re Expecting a Demon’.”


6. I’m most looking forward to the surprise ending. My sister up in Maryland saw the movie last night and said that the ending is more jaw-dropping than you could imagine! Now, I’m starting to get excited.

What about you? Are you excited about the movie?