La La La La La Means I Looooove You!



Happy Valentine’s Day, errybody! ‘Tis the day for roses, chocolates, and eye-roll inducing statuses on Facebook. Thankfully, not everyone is straight out of a Hallmark movie and there are cards out there for the rest of us. Just take a look!




























Which one would you send to your sweetie? Share in the comments below!

Fan Girl…Monday?



Yes, yes, I know… Its not Friday. So why am I doing a Fan Girl Friday post? Well, last week was a tad bit hectic. I worked some extra days last week to make up for the day I missed with the oh-so-fun stomach bug so the kids were off their schedules (and their rockers!) so I didn’t get a whole lot done last week. Ergo, no FGF. But, with Valentine’s Day TOMORROW, I knew I had to share some geeky goodies for the fangirl (or boy!) in your life!

This adorable Beauty and the Beast sleep set from Hot Topic!


This set has various characters from the film including Mrs. Potts and Chip, but there is another sleep set with the Beast’s enchanted rose and two Alice in Wonderland sets!


Maybe you’re not looking forward to V-Day because you and Player Two recently called it quits. No worries! Perpetual Kid has exactly what you need!


According to the PK site, this kit “offers maximum relief from soul-crushing, revenge-inspiring, self-pitying, and all-around unbearable heartache.” Each kit includes five affirmation cards, bandages, a heart pendant, bracelet, remedy booklet, and recovery certificate!


Want a gift that will make her saw awwww! ? Look no further than this squee-worthy Vinyl Pop of Lady and the Tramp!


Not your gal’s style? Maybe your leading lady is a little less Disney and a little more DC? I gotchu.



Married men tend to think that their wives need a lot of fancy things–diamonds, expensive dinners, imported chocolates… But what we really want is for you to stop farting, pick up your mess, and let us sleep in. Which is why this G-Rated book titled, “Porn for Women” can be considered the married man’s guide to romance!


The description of the book says it all: “Prepare to enter a fantasy world where clothes get folded just so, toilet seats are down, and flatulence is just not that funny.  Our G Rated book, Porn For Women, showcases beautiful photos of hunky men cooking, listening, and asking for directions.”


Happy fangirling, lovebirds!


Fan Girl Friday

Fan Girl Friday

Happy Friday, folks! Y’all are getting a double FGF this week (since I accidently skipped last Friday), so bully for you!


Huff the Hubs and I had a pretty geek-tacular wedding. But Josh and Jennifer Busch’s wedding was out of this galaxy!

Star Wars Wedding

The couple LURVE Star Wars and wanted to incorporate their love of the fandom into their nuptials! Look at the detailing on the bride’s belt:

star wars wedding bride belt

Click here for more pics! (Including the ADORABLE flower girls with buns and Leia detailing on their dresses!)


Need a fun-tastic way to decorate your house? Then check out these silly sci-fi inspired bookends!

alien invasion bookends

They depict a War of the Worlds-style alien takeover as well as farm animal abduction! Oh the humanity!


Looking for a Valentine’s Day gift that’s something besides a heart-shaped box of Russel Stover? How about an acreage of land on the FRICKIN’ MOON?!

Land on the moon

Yes, that’s right! You can purchase a plot of land all to yourself on the moon. The gift package comes with Lunar Deed, Custom Printing of Owner’s Name, Lunar Map, Lunar Codes, Covenants and Restrictions, Custom Packaging, and Automatic Acre Registration! (For more geeky gifts, click here!)



I have a severe case of Mommy Brain. I’m talking I’ll say, “I need to do ABC” and then two seconds later think, “Wait, what was I supposed to do?” So when I stumbled across these, I flipped!

wrist notes

These Wrist Notes take the place of To Do Lists (which I lose anyway) and string tied to your finger (do people still do that?). All you have to do is mark your task as Important, Urgent, or Trivial. Then, write a note to yourself on the bracelet, slap it on, complete the task, and then toss when you’re done! Easy peasy!



Found any good fandom finds? Let me know! And follow me on Pinterest!


Fan Girl Friday

Ermagherd! Erts Verlentine’s Der!

Got something special planned for your someone special?

Huff the Hubs and I are playin’ it low-key this year. He’s cooking me dinner and then we’re going to play the board game I got him! I know; we’re livin’ the life, right?

What are you up to? Got plans? Oh yes, you do. You’re going to plop in front of your computer and check out the awesome things I found for you for this week’s Fan Girl Friday!


Did you know that George Lucas and Mark Hamill have a contest going to where you can win a trip for two to Skywalker Ranch in California, complete with meet and greet with GL?! AND, you’ll get to hang with Luke Skywalker himself! All you’ve got to do is enter to win! Here’s Mark Hamill to tell you more!


This year for Huff the Hubs’ birthday, he said he wanted an RC helicopter. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any in time. I’m thinking I may have to get this for him for Christmas:

Doctor not included.

Doctor not included.

Its your own flying TARDIS! It stands 3″ tall and has a vertical takeoff and landing. But you have to provide the sound effects (vrompf, wrompf!).


Speaking of the TARDIS, did you know that there is a cafe in Istanbul dedicated solely to The Doctor? No joke! Its called The TARDIS Cafe!

"I'll have the fish fingers and custard."

“I’ll have the fish fingers and custard.”


I’m starting to wish I would’ve seen this next find about a week ago. That way, I could’ve told HtH to snag me one for Valentine’s Day! What better way to show your nerd-girl some love than with this adorable Star Wars pajama shirt?

Our love is intergalactic.

Our love is intergalactic.


I hope your Valentine’s Day is awesome! Show people some love…






Last-Minute Valentine’s Day Ideas

Valentine’s Day is tomorrow, people. Do you have your gifts yet? If you’re like me, you know what you’re getting your significant other, you just have to wait for payday (which, consequently, is tomorrow). But for those of you that need some help and need it fast, have no fear!

Here are just a few ideas to help you make tomorrow great for your sweetie:


Cook a Valentine-themed breakfast!

Sizzlin' sweet!

Sizzlin’ sweet!

I know mornings are hectic, but trust me when I say that waking up a little bit earlier and preparing these babies will definitely make your honey feel loved! Plus, you can never go wrong with bacon. Its meat candy.



The perfect gumball machine!

The perfect gumball machine!

Pinterest is FULL of quick and easy (and inexpensive) do-it-yourself gift ideas! Like this ADORABLE gumball machine made from dollar store materials! A small flower pot, a quick paint job, and some Dove chocolates and you’re set! (Plus, you’ll totes score extra points by making something. Women like that crap. Trust me.)


Add love notes to lunch!

Snacks are the way to anyone's heart.

Snacks are the way to anyone’s heart.

Before Huff the Hubs and I had a baby, I used to make him a sandwich for lunch everyday and write a little note. Its been months since I’ve done that (womp, womp) but he always said how much he liked it! Maybe take a few minutes tonight, pack your lovey’s lunch, and add these cute printable tags to the different treats!


Seek professional help. 


No, not that kind of professional help. I’m talking about The Dating Divas! They have countless resources for creating awesome dates for you and your honey! I’ve used a lot of their ideas in the past and HtH loved them all!


And, if worse comes to worse, you can always bake a cake.

A lovely sentiment.

A lovely sentiment.


Fan Girl Friday

Its Friiiiiiday! And its only one week until Valentine’s Day! Have you bought your sweetie something? No? Well have no fear–I’ve got some sweet, silly gifts that will melt your honey’s heart!

For the guys, check out these vintage comic book watches! They come in two styles: Superman and Batman!

What time is it? Justice time!

What time is it? Justice time!


I can’t leave the ladies out. This sparkly Wonder Woman watch is sure to please the super sweetie in your life!

Great for deflecting bullets.

Great for deflecting bullets.


Winter is coming. Actually, winter is here. So why not put on these matching embroidered Khal and Khaleesi robes from Think Geek and snuggle up?

Looks like they stole these from the Hilton Vaes Dothrak.

Looks like they stole these from the Hilton Vaes Dothrak.


For Mad Lib enthusiasts, this next gift is for you! Its the What I Love About You and Me journal. The book includes 50 prompts to tell your love story. They range from “I wish I had known you when ______” to “I am kind of obsessed with your _____” (keep it clean, guys!).


Need more ideas on what to get the nerd of your life? Check out Think Geek’s Valentine’s section!

Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day, peeps!

Tonight, Hubs is taking me out for seafood. Ever since my OB said I’m allowed to eat shrimp, I can’t stop thinking about it.

But, sadly, gone are the days where I’d decorate an old Kleenex box with pink construction paper and little hearts, waiting for Valentine’s to be dropped in and someone to pass around pink Zebra Cakes. (Oh, wait. That happened at my work party Monday. Hm. Oh well.)

I didn’t pass out actual Valentine’s this year, just gave some candy to my coworkers and family. (Huff the Hubs didn’t get candy. He got jerky and this.)

If I would’ve passed out Valentine’s, I’m fairly certain they would’ve been these:




da mary pamuk

downton abbey edith


obi wan

star trrek


How are you celebrating Valentine’s Day?