Mommy Monday



Remember last year when, during the days leading up to Thanksgiving, people would blow up your newsfeed with daily “I’m thankful for…” posts? I think its a testament to how awful 2016 has been that I have not seen a SINGLE post.



But, even when circumstances suck, I still feel like there are things to be thankful for. Of course, I’m thankful for my family, my friends, my health, and my job. But there are other things that, as a mom, I am EXTREMELY grateful for.


PBS Kids Programming


I feel like I need to make a disclaimer here that I don’t just park my kids in front of the TV all day (though, some days, its like that; don’t judge). Huff the Babe is STILL not sleeping through the night, so I basically wake when the kids do in the morning. I am ever thankful to PBS Kids for their morning lineup of Curious George, Daniel Tiger, and Sesame Street. Because no matter what time Huff the Tot wakes, one of those shows is on and can keep her attention long enough for me to drink a cup of coffee and eat my breakfast. Sometimes I can even squeeze in a solo trip to the bathroom if I’m lucky. God bless you, Elmo.


Walmart Grocery Pickup 



Yes, I know, I should support local grocery stores instead of going to big corporations like Walmart, blah, blah, blah… Well, when the Mom-n-Pop down the road makes it so that I can order my groceries online, drive to the store without having to put my toddler’s shoes back on get my children out of the car or get myself out of the car in my spit up-covered clothes and unwashed hair, then I will gladly frequent that establishment. Until then, I will gladly order groceries on my phone while nursing my baby and pick them up without wearing a bra.


Iced Tea


Ever since having Huff the Babe, caffeine is a necessity in the Huffman home. Momma needs the juice to get through the day. My drink of choice used to be Diet Dr. Pepper, but I have since quit drinking the devil’s elixir. (For many reasons. Mostly because I noticed I was having some weird neurological side effects and was ending the day feeling SO. FREAKING. SLUGGISH.) Now, my drink of choice is unsweet iced tea. I still get my caffeine kick, but I don’t feel so sluggish and run down! I seriously can feel a difference! Its awesome!


Owning a Treadmill


Before I had a treadmill at home, I maybe did cardio once a week. If that. It was difficult to make it to the park to run (plus, YOU try taking a toddler and an infant to the park and telling the toddler you’re not going to play on the slides. You won’t make it out alive.) and my running buddy (aka, my sister) and I had differing schedules so it was hard to meet up. Now that I have a treadmill, I can put my little ankle biters down for a nap, turn Netflix on the iPad, and run to my heart’s content! I. LOVE. IT.


Mommy Sites


Sometimes, I feel like the world’s worst mom. There are days I beat myself up and think, “Motherhood shouldn’t be this exhausting or this difficult; clearly you’re doing something wrong.” Its in those moments I start to do what no one should do–I Google. I look up “should I always be tired?” or “how to not yell at my toddler?” and, I gotta say, I end up feeling MUCH better. Why? Because more often than not, I find websites, blog posts, or memes that sum up exactly how I’m feeling. And then, I realize I’m not alone! Its a glorious feeling!


What about you, Momma? What are YOU thankful for?

What I’m Thankful For

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!


Today is the day to talk about why we’re thankful, all the while trying to not pummel our annoying family members with a drumstick. Good luck with that.


For the past few weeks, Facebook statuses have been blowing up by people saying what they’re thankful for. I haven’t been doing it, mostly because after Day 5, my statuses would have been snarky and rude. And that’s not what Facebook is for.


It’s what this blog is for.


So, besides my husband, my family, my friends, and my Lord, there are many things I am thankful for. Some may seem unconventional, but hey, I’m glad I have these things in my life:


1. I’m thankful for no more political ads.

I am SO glad that the election has come and gone. I’m glad to have my commercial breaks be full of annoying car commercials and silly tampon ads if it means no more politicians vying for my vote.


“I think we should get rid of our TV.”

2. Internet memes.

Seriously. I have wasted enjoyed many hours of hilarity thanks to the various memes float out on the interwebs.

McKayla is not impressed with your Thanksgiving dinner.


3. Dollar Tree.

Where else can you walk in with $5 in your pocket and feel like you’re makin’ it rain, droppin’ dollas on book lights and candy. Or maybe this best-seller:

I have no words.


4. Earplugs.

Living in apartment can be nice. The rent is cheaper than a mortgage, there’s no lawn to mow, and you don’t have to worry about neighborhood dogs having their daily constitutional on your grass. But, its also noisy. VERY NOISY. Especially when you live in between some teeny-boppers and little kids. Sigh. Needless to say, I wear earplugs a lot. And they work SO well!


5. Sarcastic eCards.

How many of us have nearly cracked a rib from laughing so hard at these snarky cards? They say everything we want to say but are too afraid to say.



(In all seriousness, I am so blessed to have such an amazing and loving husband, family, and friends. I’ve got a great job and Huff the Hubs and I are almost out of student loan debt. We’re so blessed and so thankful for everything we have. I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving!)