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Y’all. I am so over winter. I just can’t hang with these frigid temperatures, ridiculously cold winds, and days on end at home. I truly believe I have a mild case of seasonal affective disorder. Right now, spring seems but a distant dream.



I just can’t hang with this foolishness. I miss the sun. I miss going outside with my kids (I NEVER thought I’d say that; I’m what you call “indoorsy”). I miss walking out to my car and not having to basically shove tissues up my nose to stop all the running!



I want to take family walks in the neighborhood without the fear of my kids getting hypothermia. I want my hair to stop being so freaking static-y because the air is so dry. And I want to not have to wear layers upon layers of clothing just to walk to the mailbox!

giphy (23).gif


However, don’t–as the kids say–“get it twisted”, though. I am in NO WAY ready for the triple-digit-hotter-than-the-surface-of-the-sun-humidity that is an Oklahoma summer. But dang, man. Is a 70-75 degree day too much to ask?




Until then, I’ll just be over here price-checking flights to the Bahamas.

Mommy Monday



I don’t know about y’all, but here at the Huffman Homestead we’ve been battling sickness off and on for the past FIVE WEEKS. Yeah, you read that right: FIVE. WEEKS. Seriously. One person would get sick, then recover, and then another person would get it. That’s how its been. And, not only that, but its been SO. STINKING. COLD.

I’m so done with winter.

And I think we could all use some laughter to get us out of this seasonal affective disorder. Enter: I Mom So Hard to get us out of this funk!

Mommy Monday

Mommy Monday New Banner


There was a time in my life when I absolutely loved winter. I loved the clothes, the cold, and yes, even the inclement weather. I loved bundling up in scarves, coats, and hats and walking around in a winter wonderland.



I’m 1000000000% done with winter. I’m so over it. I hate it. Loathe it. Want it to die a fiery death.


Oh, gee, I don’t know. (That’s total and complete sarcasm, OF COURSE I KNOW.)

Flu season.

Being cooped up inside.

Having to get EVERY FREAKING PERSON in the house bundled in coats, hats, scarves, and gloves. Then doing it about 10 more times because someone had to potty and had to get undressed. Or someone decided that the shirt they were wearing was “too scratchy” and they needed another one. And then while one was using the bathroom, another one decided to undress to his diaper and run around the house, scattering his clothes in his wake. And then Mommy had to take off HER winter gear because she was sweating her balls off chasing everyone around this freaking house.

Flu season. (Yep, I repeated it. Why? Because we’ve had TWO rounds of the flu. TWO.)

Being too overwhelmed with the thought of bundling everyone up to leave the house just for a small semblance of human interaction with another adult.

So, yeah. Winter can suck it. Its terrible and it needs to go away.


I’m ready for warmer temps (and NOT coming from me, my children, or my husband). I want to be able to go outside with my kids in flip flops and sit in the sunshine. I want to only have to get everyone dressed ONCE. This means no jackets, no hats, no gloves. And when the temperatures are a steady 65-75 degrees outside and winter is FINALLY over, I am going to rejoice with the songs of angels.



Because this ish is getting OLD.

Fan Girl Friday!



Happy Friday, peeps! Being “iced in” has had its perks! I’ve been able to find some awesomely nerdy nifties and news to brighten your frigid Friday and make this ice-pocalypse just a little more bearable!


Eighties ladies, rejoice! I’ve found some some adorable shoes to fill your heart with nostalgia and your closet with glee!


These cute, Care Bear ballet flats from ModCloth are 100% vegan (i.e., no animal parts whatsoever–all man-made materials!) and come in FIVE different colors!


Looking to redecorate your home in 2017 but have NO idea how to use a nail and hammer and also want to keep your nerd cred? Opt for EverBlocks!


These Lego-like blocks aren’t just fun, they’re functional too! According to their site, EverBlock was “…conceived to allow designers, decorators, and inventors everywhere to economically build their dream objects.” I think we need these in the Huffman Homestead!


Pokemon Go was HUGE in 2016 (it was the most downloaded app last year, according to Apple). And, with the major updates coming for 2017, I’m thinking its going to explode again! Get your gaming pals together and celebrate with this!


“I chews you, Pikachu!” will be the rally cry of all Poke trainers as you devour a delicious slice of this cake, fueling you for more battles in between Pokestops!


Anyone else over winter? Because I am. Express your exasperation with this sun-less season with this snarky necklace from Hot Topic10854471_hi

I’ll wear this thing ALL. YEAR. ROUND, yo.


Happy fangirling!


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Its Beginning to Look A Lot Like Nap Time…

I think I need to start taking B-12 again. Or maybe I need to make more of an effort to run in the mornings. I need to do SOMETHING to help myself from just drraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaggggging.

The past few days I have just been EXHAUSTED. Typically, this is my favorite time of the year. Everything about the days after Thanksgiving until Christmas just make me so happy!

buddy the elf


But now, I just need a nap.

I have been running and going and doing for far too long! Its so bad, my yawns have yawns.



I really have to push myself to keep going. Especially after a marathon editing shesh that makes me want to rip my hair out.



And, to be honest, I don’t really know why. I used to be able to stay up late/get up early with no problems. Sigh. Maybe its because the skies have been gray the past two days. Maybe its because the days are shorter now. Or, maybe its because I’m turning {gulp!} 30 next week. (And, by the way, I still have some stuff I need to check off my 30 By 30 List!)

Whatever the deal is, I am in need of some R and R. Let’s hope I get some rest soon!

And to all my sleepy peeps, find an empty closet, snuggle up to a mop bucket and just take a quick nap. Just be sure not to let anyone catch you. Not for fear that you may get fired, but fear that they may get their eyes clawed out.



Fan Girl Friday

Hey you guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyys!

Its Friday, people and I cannot believe it! I guess since I took a few days off this week has seemed so incredibly short! I am seriously in disbelief that it’s Friday. But, I’m glad it is! Because that means I can share with you all the fantastically fan-worthy finds I’ve stumbled upon this week!


Did you hear the collective cry of: “Why, GOD?! WHY?!” this week? Every fangirl in the world lamented the fact that everyone’s favorite sexy sleuth is officially off the market. Yep, Benedict Cumberbatch is engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Sophie Hunter. So yes, technically he’s no longer a free man. But, we can still giddy and giggly watching him do some spot on impressions of other celebs:


Speaking of folks across the pond, we have less than TWO months until we return to our beautiful home in the English countryside—Downton Abbey. And, lucky for us, a new trailer has been released!

Oh yeah, I just. Got. CHILLS.


I so jazzed that it is FINALLY getting cold around! Its my favorite season! No, not winter, hoodie season! And what better way to stay warm and cozy than with this adorable hoodie from Think Geek:

Give warm hugs and stay cozy!

Give warm hugs and stay cozy!


My love for Harry Potter runs crazy deep. I mean, my daughter’s name is Hermione for heaven’s sake! But, I may think about the franchise a bit differently had the designs for the creatures and places been a bit…well, darker. Never before seen concept art for the HP films was released this week and, to be honest, they are probably going to haunt my dreams tonight! Just look!

HP Concept Art

“Isn’t my thestral adorbs?”


Dementors: Steal your soul and make you poop your pants.

Dementors: Steal your soul and make you poop your pants.


I didn't think zombies could get any scarier. These Inferi proved me wrong.

I didn’t think zombies could get any scarier. These Inferi proved me wrong.


Click here for more!

Winter Will Not Go Away

I am so sick of this cold weather.


To the point that I’m seriously considering moving far away from everything and everyone I love just so I can get some freaking sunshine.


The frigid, biting cold makes me so anti-social.



I get ZERO vitamin D because I’m either indoors or I literally sprint from my front door to my car.



And if the snow and ice wasn’t enough to grate on mine (and everyone’s nerves) the constant complaints (mostly from me) of how awful this winter has been is enough to send me over the edge.



But, thankfully, Huff the Hubs is near to help me get out of this winter whine-fest.



And, according to the Weather Channel, the temps are on the rise later this week! I can already hear the angels singing…and people whining about how winter was “too short”.


Wacky Weather Wednesday

Remember two months ago when a giant gerbil told us all that there would be an early spring?

Yeah, that little liar was wrong.

lying groundhog

Why the anger you ask? Oh, probably because it was 80 degrees yesterday and today, it looks like this outside:

Tree in El Reno, OK.

Tree in El Reno, OK.

I am SO sick of this. Yesterday we were also under a tornado watch/warning!

Probably both.

Probably both.

I’m ready for warm weather: capris, short sleeves, sitting outside with a glass of iced tea. Some out-of-staters may not understand Oklahoma and think us Okies are just exaggerating when we talk about how crazy our weather is. I think this speaks for itself:

Do you see the difference a day makes?!

Do you see the difference a day makes?!

I swear. I guess its time to just suck it up and deal with it…Winter is here to stay.

And will probably stay here until June.

And will probably stay here until June.