Where’d They Go?!

The other night, I was binge-watching The Office on Netflix. It was the episode where Dwight builds “Hay Place: A Place for Hay” in the parking lot of Dunder Mifflin. Know the episode I’m talking about? Its when Angela first meets The Senator. As I watched, I noticed that The Senator had a kid with him.

There he is!

There he is!

However, in later episodes, that child is nowhere to be seen. Baby Philip is in and random kid from Hay Place got replaced.

Philip, where's your bro?

Philip, where’s your bro?

This got me thinking: what other television characters have been written out with no explanation…?



Judy Winslow

Family Matters

judy family matters

Poor Judy. She really got the “middle child treatment” from the producers of FM. The first few seasons, Judy was around to give funny, sassy retorts to Steve Urkel’s comments to her sister (think: Michelle Tanner’s “How rude!”). Then, after a couple of seasons, Judy mysteriously disappeared. I always found it odd her police officer dad didn’t worry more about it.


Stuart Minkus

Boy Meets World


Every show needs a nerdy know-it-all to provide some comedic relief and Boy Meets World Fans found that in Stuart Minkus. At least in their junior high years. When Cory and the gang moved on to high school, little Minkus was left in the lurch. It wasn’t until everyone graduated that we saw the reappearance of Minkus and the story behind his sudden exit.



Laurie Forman

That 70’s Show


Eric’s morally loose, Farrah Fawcett-wannabe older sister was a constant staple the first 6 seasons of That 70’s Show. If she wasn’t running around with professors or married men, she was tempting Kelso away from Jackie. Laurie’s flirting days ended, however, by the end of season 6 with no more mention of the blonde bombshell.




Step By Step

cody step by step

Cody was the Step by Step equivalent of Blossom’s Joey…only with slightly better hair. His surfer-like catchphrases: “Ch-ya!” and ”Duuude!” were everywhere in the mid 90’s. The actor that played Cody, Sasha Mitchell, ran into some trouble with law in 1996 and was asked to leave the show. Though Mitchell was later exonerated for the crimes, he wasn’t asked back for the show’s finale.



Tori Scott

Saved by the Bell

tori scott saved by the bell

Honestly, I was not a fan of Tori. When Kelly Kapowski and Jessie Spano left the halls of Bayside High, no one could replace them. Not even a big-haired tomboy. Plus, I just didn’t see her and Zac together. But, that’s a conversation for a different blog… Tori’s timeline is more confusing than River Song’s. Apparently, many of the shows for the final season of Saved By the Bell had been filmed and in the can when Tiffany Amber Thiessen and Elizabeth Berkley decided to leave the show. Because of this, the show’s producers needed someone to fill in for seven episodes. Enter: Tori Scott, the tough-talking, motorcycle riding love interest for Zac and Slater.



Are there any TV characters you remember who were written out? Its okay, you can share your grief here. It’s a safe place.

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